Taping issues


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I don't seem to be great at taping. Anyone knows how perfect taping?
Taping can be a fine art. I admire when I see pictures online of people who have perfectly taped their diaper and it almost looks like a brief instead of a diaper. As usual practice makes perfect. Try getting some hook and loop fastener diapers. They can be adjusted an unlimited amount of time. That will give you a lot of practice without going through a ton of diapers.
I found that in time person will get the hang of it !! I had the same problem for a few months now it a breeze taping up !

Like that old saying ( Practice makes perfection )
My trick is to tape up one side of the diaper adjust it accordingly and tape up the second side and then adjust. alwaya have a perfectly taped diaper
If it's a four tape system- I do bottom tapes first, then the top tapes.
Like was mentioned, try hook and loop. Took me awhile to adjust to them but now they are my favs. I wear the Rearz Mermaid Tales. Been thru my first case and love them and have yet to have any leaks.
Depends on if it’s a printed diaper or not. If it’s printed, use the print pattern to set the tapes in the same location on either side and you’ll have a perfectly taped diaper…
I place my diaper on standing. I use a wall, bathroom door or stall door to help me. I first fluff my diaper to break it up from being smashed in a package for months. Then I put it behind me with the top tapes just at or above my hips and my body centered perfectly. Then I lean my butt back to the wall to pinch the diaper to stay in place. Next pull the diaper up through the les being sure to get it firmly in the bend or crease of my groan. To check it is the right height pull the front up and the waste line should be even from front to back. If it is not then adjust it so it is. then the bottom right side I pull the front side tab around my leg/hip holding it firm with my left hand as I pull my bottom right tape and place it snug. The trick here is do not let your diaper slide un-centered from your butt when taping, so keep firm butt pressure holding it against the wall. Then I tape the bottom left the same exact way. Then the I suck my tummy in and do the top left tape next keeping it centered and I tape it just a little bit downward as it helps the waste band hug the hips better. Now lean away from the wall and pull the top right snug taping it in the same downward motion while keeping my tummy pulled in and your diaper will be perfect and snug. Do them in this order because if you do slightly pull the diaper off center to the left on the bottom tape you can pull the top slightly right to help keep the diaper centered.

I use to tape them on me lying in the bed, but when in public that is not a option so this is what I learned on my own. Hope it helps. My diapers are always text book perfect.
It is almost like changing a tire the first I put on a diaper, picturing the tapes as they are the lug nuts. As others have stated, hook and loop fasteners are better to practice to get the right fit.

With sticky tapes, there is a big trick in getting the initial placement just right when laying down to do it as my preferred approach. I bring the front of the diaper up between my legs and picture a line of symmetry from my belly button, then start with the bottom tapes putting it on gently and doing the same for the top. Then, when I’m confident, I roll my thumbs over the tapes to fully secure them.