Tape Issues and Fixes

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  1. Incontinent
If you have worn a diaper for any length of time, you probably have experienced an issue with the tape(s) breaking, coming unstuck, or something. I found some small rolls of duck tape brand tape at Hobby Lobby. They stick very well and just like duck tape - they fix anything. They had a very large selection of different prints and patterns or just plane ol' duck tape color grey.

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I've seen some of the varieties of duct tape and they are nice.
I believe you can get some of those done custom even. They have duck tape for boy bands and I've seen it with Mickey Mouse as well.
There are a lot of neat printed duct tape varieties out there. I have several different ones that I use when I accidently pull too hard on a diaper and rip the tapes or if I feel like being childish that day. I tend to have the hello kitty ones or the girly skulls or penguins. I never can seem to find the minnie mouse ones, but they would match my mini diaper bag I sometimes take on long trips. This website has most of them and links to where to buy them: http://www.duckbrand.com/products/duck-tape/printed-duck-tape/
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