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I recently tried some diapers with a single tape on each side and absolutely love the way they fit, but the absorbency wasn’t quite as good as my favorite diapers with 2 tapes on each side. Is there any kind of tape out there that can be used to bridge the 2 tapes to make it like a single tape?
The problem with the single-tape diapers I've tried (admittedly only Walmart and CVS brands), is that it's hard to get the position right so they don't slide down my hips. Cloth-backed diapers tend to stretch and slip down and that problem is amplified with the one-tape on each side. Years ago CVS had one that was called "underwear" but had a single tape on each side with no stretchiness. Worked pretty well, but they changed it to something not as good,
I have some Kiddo Junior Plus disposables in my stash which I wear occasionally.
The last one I wore I had issues with one of the tapes which ruined the experience.
I’ll stick to 4 tape nappies in future
There is an inherent problem with bridging the tapes on a four tape diaper. It's not going to fit the same as the two tape one.

That super comfy fit you got from that diaper is because there is less material being pulled across your hips. The reason the capacity seems less is because of the extra padding in the wings. If you remove that padding and add more elastic further away from the padding that's left you'll actually get more absorbency from the exact same product. This is because there needs to be a waterproof layer that snugs and seals against your skin to stop leaks from flowing fluids that the SAP hasn't contained yet. The four tape design somewhat provides that seal but not all that great. Take the same thing down to two tapes and you have opened the flood gates. Here's a bit of info for reference.

Yep! Linked again! 🤪
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