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anyone else talk in their sleep, I use to when I use to sleep and dream, one night I recorded it, there was lots of farting and at one point I started swear like crazy, and one night I started saying stuff like "its diaper time!"

So far as I know nobody has ever noticed what I was saying or thought it was gibberish, was a source of concern when I slept on a tour bus with 12 people.
I have been told that sometimes I will sit up in bed and start talking gibberish (as in no one can understand what I am saying). I am not sure how often this happens, but I don't think too often.
I used to yell out random sayings in my sleep, most of them were very, VERY X-Rated and I will not be posting those here. The less X-Rated ones were still laced with some obscenity, such as "Yipee Kayee MotherF*cker" (I watched die hard earlier in the day). Some were just plain weird, I once started singing an unknown song, said random numbers, random names etc.
My spouse wakes me occasionally when I talk in my sleep. I am not really talking but moaning or trying to yell. The other night she told me I was making a lot of noise. She woke me up from what seemed to be a very neutral dream. This surprised me because I am usually trying to yell at someone or something in my dream. My attempt to talk in my dreams has woken me at times in the past. I have this dream where a dangerous dog or wolf is attacking and I try to scare it off by yelling.
I had a college Professor confront me one morning of a field trip and tell me about how annoyed he was with the people in this campsite behind our classes area that where talking all night long. He got up to go say something to them and realized that it was me. He told me that my conversation made about as much since as some of my essay question answers.

I talked in my sleep and was like watching a sleeping dog with my movements.

When I got my CPAP that all stopped.
I found out by using an app on my phone that is sound activated, it records at night when there is noise, since my accident I haven't tried to use it much, I don't dream much anymore, from what I can tell, I only remember dreaming once in the last 2 years
I don't really talk a lot in my sleep, at least I don't think so. My siblings say that sometimes I say names in my sleep though. I've also been told I whine or giggle sometimes. I do have pretty vivid dreams though, so that might be the reason for most of that.
I apparently used to talk in my sleep a lot, but I haven't heard of people saying I do it all that much lately. I think it's for the best though, I really never liked talking in my sleep. I used to give away personal things about me in my sleep, and get embarrassed a lot. I guess some people have found it cute in the past, but most of the time I just feel embarrassed and it's not something I would want to do.
I use to get worried I would say something to personal on a tour bus, I woke up the person in the bunk above me, when I was telling my dogs to calm down in my sleep
On a recent trip with my parents, they told me that I talk in my sleep. Thankfully, AFAIK, I didn't say anything embarrassing. Anybody have any idea what causes this? As a child, I used to sleep-walk, too, at times, which my parents said always worried them.
I still occasionally have night terror dreams, and I'll try to scream for help in my sleep. My wife will wake me up and ask if I'm alright.
Waking up from a nite terror screaming, not so often now but happened a lot when I was younger. I now find I wake myself up in the early morning with my chatter, some days I recall what I was discussing, others I have no idea.
I once yelled 'stop it!' in my sleep, and my friend who was sleeping over, in his sleep, said 'shit, sorry!', and we both went back to sleep, unaware of that transaction. I record all of my sleeping sounds because it's built into my alarm app (SleepBot), so I found out later and we laughed about it.
No longer have to worry as my cpap mask stops anyone from understanding.
My wife will wake me up and ask if I'm alright.

I remember my dad waking me up because he heard me call for my mum, I was most confused and didn't remember calling out.
I'm not sure if i talk in my sleep, but if i do i am a bit worried i might talk about diapers and my parents might hear and start to wonder about it.
I'm not sure if i talk in my sleep, but if i do i am a bit worried i might talk about diapers and my parents might hear and start to wonder about it.

If you mean your sleep, I wouldn't worry about it. People say so much stuff in their sleep that isn't true. I had a dream about a user raping ponies and I kept saying some weird stuff in my head when my mom walked in (Who is not really understanding) heard what I said and she made a joke about it. Because you can't really control what your dreaming about when your in a deep sleep so it's not your fault really. I dare my dream to say big pink poofiness one day and whoever walked in while I was sleeping could burn their eyes off >:3
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