Taking a trip to thailand - need some advice

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I'm taking a trip to Thailand and will be there for 30 days.
1. What are the most babyish diapers that are easily available in thailand and where can I find them
2. I'd like to pack an entire suitcase with my prefered disposable diapers? Will this be an issue in Customs,
specifically leaving the US, entering thailand, leaving Thailand and returning to the U.S.
I also don't want to expose my large quantity of diapers to other travelers on line in Customs.
3. I've seen some ABDL nurseries in thailand on the web, but the women are older, prices are steep and the accomodations don't look that private.
I'm just not comfortable with having an ABDL experience next to other ABDLs.
4. Thailand is famous for its cheap prostitution, I'm wondering if its easy enough to find ABDL friendly girls to to baby me.
This may be tough with the language barrier.

If you've visited Thailand, please share your ABDL experiences and advice. Thanks
Well first and foremost welcome to ADISC! We hope you enjoy your time here and many people on here are happy to help.

Unfortunately for me I haven't been to Thailand or any part of Asia to be exact. But when I did go to the US last year I bought some diapers and put them in my suitcase and there were no problems. I have also flown from Germany or Italy with a lot more in there and had no problems.

Also a few times I've had diapers in my carry on bag and no one has stopped me or questioned me.
I have no experience with diapers in Thailand, but one thing I can say is that it can get quite hot and humid there. Personally I wouldn't want to wear diapers in that, except in air-conditioned places (but that kind of defeats the purpose of going to Thailand).

I also don't have any experience with the sex industry, other than the girls very openly offering their services whenever they see a single western looking male, even touching you literally anywhere as you just walk down the street in a tourist location; and it does get annoying very fast, even when you're straight and they're cute. Whether you end up seeking such services or not, the only thing I'd say is be very careful and stay safe. Although it's the land of smiles and many locals are very nice, there are also those trying to take advantage of foreign tourists, which can range from exorbitant prices and little scams (I do have experience with that) to outright dangerous situations. Naturally the bad people tend to concentrate in the notorious touristy areas.

Enough of the negatives. Thailand is a beautiful country and there is plenty to explore in 30 days. The beaches (I'd stay away from Patong and Pattaya; been only to the former and didn't like it), the food, the historical places and yes, the people. Unless your primary purpose is the ABDL experience - nothing wrong with that, but I can only say have fun and stay safe.
common advice on this front is, have a case of your favorite diapers shipped to your hotel in time to arrive a day before you get there. Notify the hotel to expect a package for you. They will probably be accustomed to this as more and more travelers are doing it to avoid bag checking fees and preventing lost luggage. (it's easier to deal with a lost fedex package than a lost airline suitcase! how pathetic!)

This avoid extra bag charges (which would probably be more than shipping anyway), hassles at the airport, luggage searches, customs, etc.

Make sure you ship it out early enough. Depending on where you order from, you may just be able to drop-ship right from xp medical etc to your hotel?
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