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I don't know about you guys but I tend to switch from baby to mommy often. Like, there's a male friend I talk to and sometimes I'm in the mood to baby him (even though he's not ABDL) and sometimes I want him to baby me.

Do you guys go through something similar too?
I don't think it's uncommon among ABDLS to have that switch instinct. I've met someone who switched between the mommy and little role with her partner before and it would be a dream of mine to meet someone who would switch between little and caregiver roles with me. I'd be very interested in playing the daddy role someday too.
I honestly really never do. The closest thing I get is a sort of wish that I could make people like me happier and not feel so alone, and give them the nurturing love they surely deserve.

I once tried to cultivate that and tried to be able to be a mommy for my dear friends. Unforutnately trying to be the grown up in a relationship with someone I cared about didn't work. It made me pretty miserable and I really couldn't keep it going. It's psychologically straining for me and makes me feel hollow.

I still do however, envy those able to. They are precious and very much needed in the community. Anyone strong enough to be able to provide for a lonely soul in need deserves a bajillion kudos.

Switch on Switch Off, Switch on Switch Off. very good Danelson

yeah I know you are all to young to know what I am talking about.

I switch because of my job as a senior support worker I have to be in all grown up. wich i fine hard to keep up.

so when i am Off I tent to be in little space a lot, I really enjoy having someone looking after me. and if it some one that I trust I can go AB for quite some time.

I really think I could go Little 24/7 if someone would parent me. but that not the case and I have to work. and I may be it is better this way because it makes my Little time more special.

hee, hee
Thank you all for your comments! :)
i put a post on about this last night as i wasnt sure what i was to be honest as i love both sides..i love to be momma and also to dress and join in too and regress to baby or toddler....i love the feeling from being a momma that needed feeling and being able to fullfill a babies wishes and them being totally dependent on me but i also love the side of regressing and being a baby not just with an AB but on my own too as i love the comfort side of it snug in bed ..just wish i knew a few more that are near me to have this as my baby lives so far away and ive not seen him(her) since before i got with my partner who i have now parted from that wasnt at all interested in that side of things with me though we talk via internet and phone calls not the same and i so miss him(her) xxx
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