Swim diapers any good?

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I’m wondering whether there are any useful adult swimdiapers available, which actually can keep you from creating puddles on the floor, and can be used in water without a pad or diaper get’s totally soaked.
I’m urinary incontinent, only.
I have found two products which by their description looks promising….
Last year, I was going to the beach in normal swimmin trunks, just as every other normal person would do. I emptied my bladder before going, but on my way back I got a massive urge and my bladder simply emptied, resulting in pee running down my legs….quite embarrassing, therefore I’m looking for alternatives. Bringing a diaperbag with me is ok, but many places does not have a toilet which you can use for diaper changes, at least not for males.
My hope is that there are / is a product which allows you to wear a diaper or pad underneath and being able to go swim and still contain any urine ends up in the diaper, the most perfect thing would be, that it keeps the diaper “dry” after exiting the water too, leaving you enough room to go change when there’s a chance to do so.

Anyone having any experience with the two types I linked to?
Sorry to tell you this, but adult swim diapers are designed for fecal incontinance rather than urine retention. I'm bowel incontinent with some urinary incontinence and use the SoSecure swim diaper. It will hold some urine but is not designed for that function.
I have tried the "NETTI COMBI-AQUA INCONTINENCE SWIMWEAR". After a minute or so of just standing in the pool, the water funneled in down the middle of my back. The pad I was using got soaked. This happened both times I tried this. I have not tried the one from B4NS.
Most pool/spa chemicals will kill anything in urine so that is why swim diapers are for fecal incontinence only.
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