Swaddlers Scented?

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Hi all, first time poster!

I went to the store during the weekend to pick a package of the Swaddlers size 6 because I heard about people using those to scent their adult diapers and also that those had a strong perfume. The diapers were completely scent free, do they not scent them anymore? Does anyone know which type has the strongest scent that I could put in with my diapers?

If you want a baby-powder smell, I have found that the FDS ( feminine deodorant spray ), powder scent works very well. You can make it as strong, or as light as you like by varying the amount of time you spray the can. The scent reminds me of the way I remember Pamper's smelling in the 1970's.
I've read about that and will try it out, thanks for the suggestion!
Pampers baby diapers (of all kinds) have gone unscented this year--a terrible tragedy, in my opinion. But, the trend in all things baby is away from non-essential additives. I haven't tried Luvs recently, nor Easy-Ups (my favorite Pampers scent), but I expect they've gone unscented too.


(They do still have a pleasant deodorizer scent that activates when the diapers are wet.)
I'd never seen the quadro pads, I'm gonna have to try those out. And thanks for the news Cottentail, guess I'm too late on the baby diaper front.
Ive got Cruzers 7 and they are def scented, i hope it stays that way as i love the smell when i have them in a bag or the room fills up with the smell :) love it.
keep in mind though that the scent will be more noticeable to those around you. (since you will get used to it) I've been asked about my sweet talc smell on several occasions. I'd imagine the more specific smell of a diaper would be harder to explain.
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