Surviving Thanksgiving


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Well, hopefully everyone else's Thanksgiving is less... contagious? than mine.
Hopefully, if aunt brought a cold and gave it to you, it's underway and will be mostly gone by the time you leave on your trip. Regardless, as I know from previous conversations what a... "character"... your aunt is, I'm sorry your Thanksgiving had to involve her. Although you were surely thankful when she decided to leave, so that's something: a genuine opportunity to be thankful on Thanksgiving. ;)

Family and I got back just this morning from a Thanksgiving holiday in Hawaii. It was my first Thanksgiving out of state (out of Washington) since I was a little kid, and possibly my first Thanksgiving ever without turkey or any of the other usual Thanksgiving foods present. We had pork, fish, and various Hawaiian sides instead.

Bit of a shock, though, being in 80-something degrees + humidity + being able to casually jump into the ocean in a swimsuit... and then, mere hours later, being in 30-something-degree weather with 40-something-degree waters and a sudden desire to build a fire in the stove!