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no asl? thanks, those are red flags for me too. I have them on my profiles on many sites, so I know bots when they ask me such things.

I'm a hedonist turned asexual. They say a cheater can never change, well, I have. Thing is, I never really cheated, I just focused on the sexual opportunities. Most every girlfriend knew who I was before they asked me out. I've been with married women, with coworkers, even men. I have tried many things, and can honestly say I have very few limits. well, that I didn't have many. now I have no sex anymore, I'm actually feeling more free to be me.

But the reason I'm here, my roommate had an incontency issue, and for almost a year, was wearing diapers. neither of us are sexualizing, infantilizing, or otherwise making this sexy. But I have to admit, there are many out there that are weird, or feel weird around such. and understanding that this can be a form of security for some, I wish to always learn more.

I've also breastfed with a couple ex's back in the day, and I must say, certain times, it was the safest feeling to feel accepted, coddled and tugged on..

I'm not looking, but I do miss such beautiful connections.

best wishes,
Sissy Shelli
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