Support for my caretaker, and resources.


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Hello littles, and the caretakers our there.

Warning, this might be a long one... if you want to skip past the TLDR, jump past the *** but if you want backstory, continue on.

I’ve found myself in an odd position, yet my partner is in an even more unfamiliar one. Now by odd, I mean different to me.

A bit first about how I met my partner. Back in college in spring of 02, we met as friends when I was still 16. After over a year of us being quite close, we talked about our feelings, and decided to take things further. Almost two years later, after a life changing weekend with him, I came out to myself once I admitted my feelings weren’t just a phase, and that what I felt with him couldn’t be just an experiment.

Unfortunately I had a girlfriend at the time, and during my coming out, I was quite rough on myself, burning bridges and such. Even broke up with him because... well... the realization of being gay in even the early 2000’s still was not easy. But he stayed by my friend.

In 05, we really started talking again, leading to us dating again. I hadn’t told him about my little side full out, but we occasionally did some role play as big / little brother. I never went that far into regression, and was scared to bring up the diaper aspects or anything like that. I had introduced him to so many things so far, and was afaraid that it would be scare him off.

All in all it led to a wonderful, but very short engagement. I proposed shortly after my 21st birthday while on a cruise together, but it didn’t last much longer. When we finally talked further about wanting kids, I dreamed of having them as part of my life plan, and he wanted none. Realizing our plans differed, we went our separate ways, but stayed friends.

Life continued as friends until last year. We started talking more and more about how we weren’t happy with how we left things. We missed what we had, and because of life experiences, I knew I no longer wanted kids. The lifestyle I love to live is barely easy when having a cat. That, and I don’t want a kid, I want to be the kid.

After breaking up with my partner at the time, I came out to him about being a little. I explained how for me, it’s a way to take a break from the A-type personality I have, and let’s me recharge so I can take things head on at work and in my hobbies.

He replied to it a few days later to this with, “I would be your daddy, if you would be okay with that.”

My jaw dropped.

Even that aside, I knew he had been going through a rough point. As a single person living alone in a too quite house, I agreed to help him out of the rough situation he was in, and moved him up here as a roommate. About a month ago. He stayed a roommate for... well... when we walked into the door, we kissed again, only to find out the flame was still there.


Fast forward a month. We’ve had some talks about what we want, and he still wants to be my daddy. I just don’t know where to start. My experiences so far with ABDL have been mostly in a solo experience, save a few one night stands. It then gets hard for me to say what I like from a daddy, cause for the past 14 years of experimenting with abdl, it’s been by myself.

He’s asked if I have any resources that I might be able to share. I’ve shared a guide for the caretakers side of things, but beyond that I’m not really sure. I’m a member here and on discord, and am in a ton of babyfur groups and such on telegram so I know of a lot of social groups and support groups on the little side, but not many for the caregiver side.

Any help on this? Also, any help on talking points? I’m still shy when it comes to bringing new things up. Not because of him, but because of psychological conditioning. *rings a bell*

Anyways, daddy is up now, so that means it’s breakfast time. Thank you all in advance.

-Kit Foxis


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It's tough to advise someone in the abstract about this because it's anything but abstract. Some of us just want to be treated as much as possible like children or babies while others want what would be a more abusive relationship (either emotionally or physically) if it were practiced with a real child. It's not right or wrong, it's a matter of what works for you and you may find that it's not the same thing all the time.

My more neutral starting point is to deal with the person I'm taking care of as if they were the child they describe. From this, it's possible to branch out if needed to more specific scenarios that may be more appealing. Talk about some general activities you could do together that you both think sound interesting or fun and go from there.