Suggestions for upcoming 14-diaper review?

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  1. Diaperfur
Hello! Long-time lurker with questionable taste in user names here!

Short version: I've got a stack of diapers that I'm going to put through it's paces. After looking up a lot of reviews, I couldn't quite find the information I wanted. SO I ordered my own sampler packs and am gonna do my own set! Skip to the bottom for questions I have for you!


whereas i am a smallish boy (stopped growing years ago, 5'3"/29" around bellybutton/34" around hip bones) that occasionally wishes to go out stealthily,

whereas i have problems with overnight leaks sleeping on my side/stomach through the sides and top of the diaper, possibly because of the above mentioned and, ah, a *pointer-upper* - and don't want cloth or plastic pants (my brain rejects the texture of the cruel cottony padding and the pervasive plasticy perceptions),

whereas i for various reasons choose to maximize premium diaper use by using cheap inner diapers (sacrificial inner diapers for the premium diaper throne),

whereas reviews measuring the dimentions don't easily convey how something will fit and finding standardized reviews with fits from one person is hard


whereas Fruitkitty's excellent reviews inspired me to give it a shot

be it resolved that I, TOWEL, have prepared to literally pee away t e n s of dollars worth of money in the form a stack of 12 or so (counting is my worst subject) disposable diapers. Thanks to an anonymous benefactor (all praise to cute long critters :3) recieving these for me so that I may maintain my stealth, I have:

Molicare Super Plus (medium 24″-48″)
Tranquility ATN (All through the night) (large 45"-58")
Attends with waistband (32"-44)
Snuggies (large 36"-48")
Abena L4 Plastic Backed (large 39"-59")
Snuggies Overnight (medium 28"-36") and (large 36"-48")
(the above from Wearing Clouds and delivered today - awesome service if you want lots of samples)

as well as

Attends breathable briefs (medium and large)
Tena Ultra (medium)
Confidry 24/7 (Large, mid 2014)
ye cheapo diapers x2 (unlabelled pack, maybe someone'll ID them when I post them)
and my trusty Bambino Bellissimo (RIP my old friend)

((Hmmm, 14 samples. I was close.))

My main goal is to (hopefully) find something that is a little more suited to reducing the effect of accidents at night. After that, finding out how each one compares as a travel diaper.

My overall method will be something like tape diaper snugly, wet lying on my side (checking for leaks), go about my day in only diaper (check for tape pops, resecure the first time more loosely, the second time with duct tape), count how many times I can wet in a sitting position. (hopefully my bladder will forgive me after I put a few gallons of water through it in the same of science). To maintain my privacy, I'll be completing these tests starting tomorrow.

Since I only have one shot to do this I have some questions:
1: Any flaws in my methods? I understand that leaking from the side in the first part is going to affect the later tests, but I should be able to get a rough guide to performance.
2: how do y'all put these things on? I've had problems with overnight leaks through the sides and top. I've tried all sorts of voodoo including tape and wearing the front a little more raised (which helps in some cases - and why I ordered a size up for certain brands) but I'd love suggestions! I usually do bottom tapes upward as snug as I can, then upper tapes straight across. Is there a rule for, say, how far up the fluff padding should go/not go (1" under my belly button? 2" above TOWEL jr.? or other things)? How far up the plastic should go? Other things I should think about? And why the heckies do people suggest the upper tapes be at a downward angle?
3: What is something y'all like would like to see in this upcoming review? I only have one set so I can't do things like a three-stack thickness comparison.
4: Do you have any questions for ME? I like attention but keep in mind this mostly FOR (diaper) SCIENCE!

If no one replies I'll be posting the review in a few days, and blame all of you for any mistakes that could've been forseen. Because it'll've been all your faults for not steering me right.

Thanks for reading :3
For reference, we have our instructions for our standardized review format here. For a review to be published as an ADISC article, you would need at least 3 of a given diaper on hand. The format was designed to make reviews both more comprehensive and much more comparable across diapers.

The problem with many reviews is that they don't often give the reader much ability to actually compare diapers. Diapers usually work pretty well, especially expensive ones favored by ABDLs, and it isn't very meaningful, at least in isolation to tell people that a given diaper held 4 large wettings then leaked on the 5th. What is a "large wetting"? What size is the person wearing the diaper relative to the diaper? How long did this diaper last, and did other things like tapes have problems before it actually leaked? These are all useful details and many reviews don't give much of any context behind their results.

Moreover, the amount and quality of qualitative information varies wildly. I've seen a whole lot of reviews with just a few low-resolution and out-of-focus pictures. I've seen a lot of reviews that give very sparing detail in describing the diapers. In general, the more detail and the better pictures you provide, the more useful the review will be.
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