Suggestions for another case!


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Hi everybody! Over the course of the last two weeks I’ve been tearing through my current diaper supply, last time I bought was from tykables I got a mixed case of 10 medium waddlers, 10 medium overnights, 10 large overnights and two packages of their booster pads instead of the fourth bag of 10.

I really enjoy all the diapers, I got some large overnights to pair with the booster pads hoping for a better fit, they fit totally fine but they tend to leak more when getting pretty full compared to the mediums I’ve been wearing, so medium at least in tykables diapers seems to be my fit.

My next question would be does anybody have any recommendations from tykables or elsewhere on another case I could get when I start to run low? Do any other sites do the mixed case kind of deals? I really have been loving the overnights so much but I might wanna try the str8 ups as well….. just anything that can hold a ton and be super bulky really.