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didn’t know if there was a way to dm a mod or a better way... if so please let me know.

1: In my opinion it’s a little annoying if people comment on stories. you think there might be a new chapter and if you’re reading a story it’s also a little annoying.

Maybe you guys can make a sub-forum for stories with discussions?

Like: - Stories
- Discussions and Comments

if someone posts a story they can also open a thread in the discussion and comment sub forum with the same title as the story and the added comments etc.
that way people can also make suggestions and talk about it without “disturbing” the actual story thread

2: How about there is a sub forum with places people live at? and if it’s a big country also sub devisions

like: - Country 1
- North
- South
- Country 2
- Country 3
- east
- west
and so on....
that way the ab or diaper forum will bot have ghat many post regaring places where people live and looming for people in the same country and so on. it would easier there to find posts for countries and not have people ask for the same country over and over again

might ba a nice thing 😊