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I’ve been thinking about my favorite diapers and how much better they could be with even 1 improvement made to them. I love Northshore Megamaxes! Especially the blue and black versions. However, they could be even better with more wicking past the middle of the diaper. I also love the diapers Tykables makes, but I always wanted the tapes to be an inch closer together on the wings. I want to hear what the forum’s favorite diapers are and how they can be improved with only 1 suggestion. I want to keep this thread constructive towards our favorite brands, so show them some love with your suggestion. ❤️


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I was just thinking about the megamaxes too. I love them as well, as I've got the blue one on at the moment. I think having better support around the waist and thighs for me, because it's a little flimsy imo.