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I hear people talking about stuffing their diapers with baby diapers to add thickness. How exactly do you do that? I have several packs of Huggies laying around, but I'm not sure the best way to "stuff" them. Thanks!
My own approach is this: Huggies Overnights, Snug & Dry, and Pure & Natural diapers have seams down each side, between the wings and the leak guards. I start by tearing along those seams, going front to back (starting at the back is harder due to the elastic waistband). This removes the wings and the leg cuffs. With these gone, it's then easy to pull the elastic out of the rear waistband. Then, starting in the crotch on each side, I pull off the leak guards. This leaves you with just the diaper padding. Finally, I tear a slit down the middle of the backing. And then I place this in the middle of another diaper.

I'd add pics if I could. Maybe later. It sounds like a lot of work, but it goes very quickly once you've done it a few times.

Some people just poke holes in the back of the baby diaper and place it in another diaper. I find this very uncomfortable, as the baby diaper's elastic makes it bunch up. Further, with the leak guards left intact, excess wetness will be channeled to the front or back of the stuffer diaper, making less efficient use of the outer diaper's padding. If you don't want to tear the elastics out of your stuffer diaper, at least grab some scissors and snip them in 4-5 places on each side. That'll let the stuffer lie flat and will let excess wetness roll off quickly.
I use them pretty well with every diaper I wear, they work amazing to spread out the fluids much more evenly then most adult diapers do (prefer Pampers sz 6 or 7). I like to leave the leg gathers/cuffs, and just trim off the outer edge and tabs on the top & bottom. I recently bought a Wartenberg Pinwheel, as I tried the one that you get at the sewing shop and use to trace patterns, but it was not shape enough to poke thru the plastic back sheet, the new one works perfectly, and no loose SAP in the AM :biggrin:
I still have some Pamper size 6 to use as a stuffer, but I switched over to the Goodnite Tru-fit replacement pads. The hold more than the Size 6 and I don't have to do all the work. The only other ones I use are Abri-Let Maxi from Abena(but you have to order those online).
I looked at the Goodnites, but they are just too much money for an extra layer. When Pampers go on sale, they can be gotten for 20-25 cents each, that is about my limit for stuffers, and I like the swell factor they have too! :thumbsup:
I usually use pullups or actual baby diapers as stuffers. What I do is I cut the sides off of them and I place them inside the diaper that I am going to wear.
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