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So I tried a search a d nothing resent that answered my question.

So I have a multi functional problem and wonder what others have tried.

So like title mentioned looking for what others use as stuffers is what I think their called, so I normally have baby diapers around usually for the other issue will post below but have found in a few cases where a baby diaper recently size 7 Luvs(was only option) put in the front of my diapers works for short periods of time like depending where I am going being IC and not having control nor sensations nor feelings I don't know when or if I have to go or if I went usually I try to diaper last but usually it's quicker and easier to do not first so will put it up front removed it just prior to leaving and depending on the size and brand some been wet(figured sz5 is lowest possible with any real absorbency) also have found on days I go to the gym if I do the same but if its wet just prior to leave will replace it and usually go to the gym dressed so when I get there I just remove the baby diaper and so far no major issues.

The other issue I have and actually why I started to use them is being IC and with my disability and not have sensation nor feeling I have peed in middle of being changed or changing myself when it happened at the hospital it's the solution the nurses came up with as like a pee blocker usually at home I will use a prefold diapers because if not an issue just reuse it but have done same with disposables.

Besides the super expensive non- everything & vegan diapers, most size 6&7 are roughly $0.50 each where most pads start at $1 or what I have seen so from cost point and honestly what worked the best so far was Huggies Overnights sz6 but on the higher end when I went to get more the Walmart only had a big pack of Luvs 7 for sizes above 4(it actually seemed weird but figured with holidays people stocked up but diaper isle was sort of bare).

I was wondering what other found worked well like heard mixed reviews on parents choice but know few can fit in them and comfort isn't something I feel anyways and I get comparing Luvs to and Overnight isn't really a good comparison but the other issue is it seems like or what I have seen most size 6&7 only come in like 2 package sizes big and bigger it seems like size 5 and under you can get smaller packs so I don't want to be buying multiple case Incase one doesn't work. Last pack of like 64 lasted almost a month which for the price compared to adult pads seemed affordable I did try some but they were on cheaper end medical and some were full length pads which were hard to remove.

Any help or suggestions is much appreciated
If and when I'm in the mood to add thickness to a thinner diaper I will use the largest flat fold infant diapers or cotton flour sacks. I take 3 flat folds together and fold them in 3s.
The cotton flour sack cloths I have are 28"X30". I'll use 2 of these together and fold them in 4s.
I tried disposable boosters but I just never liked them.
You should use Dubblers by Tykable. They hold 2500ml.
TheBob said:
You should use Dubblers by Tykable. They hold 2500ml.
I absolutely love their dubblers! Combined with a pink camo! Starts all so thick and after several floods are so fun to walk around in.
I gave up on Pad and Stuffier long time ago . They Just didn't how they work out for me .
A very good absorbing diaper work the best for this girl,
I have boosters that work that's not what I am looking for I am looking for something for a temporary use and boosters wouldn't work for part of my issue