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This is my first attempt at writing an ABDL-related story, so...
Let's see how this goes.

Chapter 1:
Tim, who was buried under layers of blankets, stared at the motionless fan above him, listening to the subtle hum of the heater. With great effort, almost as if he was being held back by an external force, Tim sat up and turned himself so that his feet dangled off of his bed. Before getting up, he looked downward for a final check, though this was not necessary -- his ankles were already wet. "Good morning, Buddy," Tim said to his dog, who sat staring up at his owner with a wagging tail. Finally, with perhaps the same amount of effort, Tim got up out of his bed and walked over to his "undergarment drawer".

Upon opening the drawer, he revealed nicely folded underwear, one of which he selected and carried over to his bathroom, along with pants and a shirt. After a brief shower, Tim grabbed his bag, and was off to his school. Tim was a freshman at his high school, and he had only gone through five-eighths of his fall semester. The outside air was crisp, and the attitude of the surrounding scenery was dull. Taking it all in, Tim watched as his bus pulled up, and got in once it stopped.

His school was no more exciting than the environment that it was placed in. The people were stuck-up and the teachers were unwilling to help those who were in need. Above all, there was some stress that had developed due to the impending doom that would be finals testing. This hadn't seemed like such a big deal in the beginning of the year, but Tim had come to realize that it could make-or-break him in more than one way.

Tim stepped in through the door frame of his first period class and sat down in his desk. Not too long after, Tim heard the monotone ring of his school's bell, though it was more like a sine wave played at 120 hz. "Sit down, Phil!... Get out your journals!..." Command after command, Tim endured, and those who were ordered to do something did exactly as they were told. "Okay, today I'd like to discuss your upcoming assignment: an essay. It will be no shorter than five pages and no longer than ten. You are encouraged to use MLA format, though it will not be necessary for this paper. This will be thirty percent of your grade, so don't mess it up." Tim heard those words echo in his head. Though his teacher was still speaking, he could not tell, and didn't want to be able to tell.

Well, that's chapter 1. Please do tell my anything that you have an issue with.
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In my opinion this is a good basis and grounding for a good story. You paint a picture of the start of things. Please carry on. If your description of the folk in the story and the things that will happen carry on in the same light it will be great.