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It came to my attention today after seeing a video of one of those EEE portable laptops playing cyrsis. It was possible simply due to the video being streammed to the device by a much more powerful machine. Here is a you tube link of what I saw: YouTube - Crysis And Quake 4 on the EEE PC!

I was playing with this software today, StreamMyGame thinking it would be a great idea to play some TF2 on my laptop. But I have not had any real success yet. As I can record video with CoD4, not TF2 and the streaming options do not seem to be working at all. The player is giving my a time out error every time. So i installed the server on my brother's PC. It works this time, but is laggy as anything as its and not a very capable machine.

So I was wondering have any of you guys heaved of it and got any success?
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