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Yeah. What outrageous footwear is he wearing on his feet!!!
So is the article referring to him being cold with all that snow about.
LOL my first thought was I wonder what kind of diaper that is...I tried to zoom in but couldn't tell. Any idea? And any idea where this is?
bambinobaby said:
And any idea where this is?

Russia, i think (my Slavic's a bit rusty).
i would say, 'at least he's not driving' as Russians and cars don't go together well, but walking in a diaper ain't so safe if there are Russians in cars about.
The strange part is it's cold out in his attire. Decent looking diaper though.

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I was viewing a face book page that said i pissed my self laughing so hard with all kinds of funny stuff on it. This was one titled work of shame had guys and girls scantly dressed in opposite sex clothes or hardly nothing at all on. Google seems to show this as the earliest post of that image(one at bottom of search //search is done by time). Tho i can't find it on the page it points to anymore.
In that weather he should have at least gone with the footed sleeper look.
I'll admit that stocking cap doe look a bit thin for that type of weather.
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