Stolen jokes / ideas?

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Have you ever had someone steal a joke or idea from you?

Here is a little story of me at high school, we were doing some thing in art, teacher decided to show us anti-pollution posters (she was a feminist and a bit of a "hipster") that being said, the slogan is what would you drop today.

I jokely said to the person next to me, which was a female friend of mine at the time, and said the base, we both cracked up laughing, literally a minute later.

A person overheard, and decided to say it to the teacher, and the class cracked up, yet it wasn't funny when I said it, and people ignore the fact it was stolen of me... anyways.

I've had times where my code was completely ripped off, or had ideas stolen from me, wanted to start a business with someone, someone backstabs me, and than goes start a business with his friend, makes out it's his idea, and that he was the first person to go to.

Ah, anyway, anyone have there jokes or idea stolen before?


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anyone have there jokes or idea stolen before?

all the time.
it doesn't often bother me (share and share alike). you can think of most of it as influencing the world around you or leading by example.
of the times that it has bothered me, one only still sticks in my mind: i was temping in the warehouse of an engineering firm and if you know engineering types, you'll know that they can be a bit slow to change or jump at an opportunity...stuck in the mud types; with such a mentality, they were stuck for a solution to a problem and, as my accompanying permanent employee (who considered himself a manager [of sorts] as he was 'above' me by virtue of his permanent status) mused vocally, i made the fairly obvious suggestion of a solution to the problem.
it was then 'his' idea and he made sure that those who mattered knew that it was 'his' idea, and he did so whilst i was in obvious earshot without first okaying it with me. y'know, fair's fair, so i pulled him on it and he was all, "well, it doesn't matter to you, does it?"
my reply was something along the lines of pointing out that while it didn't really matter to me, it would likely matter in the future to everyone else around who'd be banking on him to repeat the problem solving performance. of course, none of it mattered, ultimately, as the firm went bump not long after i left (i'd suspected it would which is why i turned down the offer of a permanent contract).

and you can sometimes feel as though you've had something nicked off you, especially if it's musical or lyrical.
when i was a kid and used to out with my dad in his wagon, i used to make up songs to pass the time and it was quite a bit curious and sometimes confusing to later hear 'my' song on the radio. but, that was just showing up the limitations of the format: there's only a certain number of viable tunes and we largely speak/sing in a limited number of phrases (changing only key words), not words.


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I used to draw designs for laptops and desktop computers when I was a kid and I swear companies get into my subconscious and steal my ideas because I've seen multiple ones being released that look like my old designs from years ago ;)

Actually come to think of it, I haven't seen that notebook I used for drawing in years. Maybe someone stole it..
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