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I know we've had threads about diapers and brands before, and believe me I've read them all, but I'm at the end of my rope.

First, a brief rant:

Why does a company with a completely wonderful product, unique in design, perfect in just about every way, decide that it needs to be discontinued and replaced with a much inferior but more "modern" version? What goes through the heads of those in charge? Tena Slip Maxi was *the* best diaper on the market, bar none. It was highly absorbent, very thin, and relatively inexpensive for a premium diaper. And because of its plastic shell it did not leak. But of course that meant nothing to the idiots in charge of Tena: they had to switch to cloth covered because everyone else was doing so, even though anyone who actually *wears* cloth-covered diapers can tell you of the universal seepage issue that can't be helped in a premium brand designed to be worn for several hours. Maybe the company needs to take a hint from one of those old diaper stories about hiring college students to test its products by actually using them for a week or two. Then they'd know. ARRGH!

End rant.

So anyway, I really stocked up when Tena made that announcement, and ever since I have been carefully nursing my ever-dwindling supply, supplementing it with various other brands so that (a) I would only be using the Tenas when I was teaching or in some other public function, and (b) I could continue to search for a replacement. I've tried, I think, every high-end brand on the market, both medical and ABDL. (I honestly don't care if it has babyish designs as long as it *works*.) Still, nothing comes close to the Tena. The best so far has been the A+, but it has the problem of having no waist gathers, which I consider a significant design error. The iD Slip is also pretty good, and I might end up going there, or maybe back to the AbriForm. I've been wearing ABU's Simple, and while they are fine for supplements they don't really work as well for daily use due to thickness and serious crinkliness. Diapers from Rearz are also pretty thick, and anyway I can't afford the insane shipping premium from Canada. (It cost me $30 last time.)

Right now I have a box from XPMedical containing A+, Molicare, Dry24/7, and AbriForm. I'd have gotten iD's too but I can't recall what size I am in that brand and I'm at an odd place: right near the cut-off on a lot of brands.

I guess my reason for writing is this:

Has anyone had great luck with any one of these diapers, or another brand that I'm not thinking about? Here are my basic parameters: I am bladder incontinent. I wear premium diapers b/c I don't feel like changing every time I wet and good diapers can be worn for hours. I need retapable diapers b/c of bowel movements. And I'd *kind of* like it if they didn't draw attention to themselves when I am out and about. I can wear the thickest, noisiest things in the world while lounging at home, but if I'm going out...that's a different story.

Hey kerry!

Difficult question and I hope I can give a bit of an input, even though I'm from Europe and the situation is not quite as bleak over here (but still not good). First of all, I agree with you, it's beyond comprehensible that a company would drop its bestselling product and replace it with something that is so much worse that no one wants to buy it. I've heard, that sales for Tena dropped so drastically, that they actually went out to the retailers (in Europe) to find out whats wrong. Simple story, people didn't like it, which isn't surprising when you keep in mind that most people, even with a prescription, pay premium fees for premium products (and those fees can be pretty high, as an example: If I would order Tena Slip Maxi CF at my homecare provider, I would only save something around 5 or 10 Euros per box compared to the cheapest online retailer). Up to the moment when I first tried the Tena Slip Maxi CF, I always assumed that they still needed a bit more time to figure out how to make a good CF-backed diaper, but if even Tena can't get it right, the whole 'CF is better' actually starts to look more like a marketing gag. There are some that are half-way decent, like the Super Seni brand, but most of them simply don't work well as a diaper.

Anyway, here are my three suggestions, but as I said their helpfulness might be limited.

1. Look if you can find a retailer in the US who imports the new Tena Slip Active Fit. They are basically the same as the old Tena Slip minus the landing zone. I haven't tried them yet, but I also haven't heard any complaints about them. This might be difficult though, because according to Tena the target market isn't Europe or North America. Save Express has them, but importing them yourself might be too expensive. Maybe someone will start to import them, if the demand is high enough.

2. I use the Forma-Care Comfort Night and I quite like them, even though they are nowhere near the Tenas in an overall comparison. But they are also a hell of a lot cheaper and on most days I get along nicely with 3 changes, which I would do anyway, no matter what diaper I use. Again, I don't know whether you can get them in the US, but if you find them, they are absolutely worth a try.

3. Here in Europe there are some manufactorers producing 'cotton feel' products that still use a plastic backing underneath. The ones I tried weren't actually that bad and had none of the drawbacks of the full CF. Maybe you can find something similar in the US.

So, that's my non-helpful tips for now. Good Luck on your journey :smile1:

I agree with you about Tena as well, it is a damn shame that they destroyed a good product. I would suggest that you give Secure personal care total dry x-plus a try. I have found them to be a very good all around diaper. They have the tape landing zone, and that is pretty much where any diaper crinkle comes from, so it isn't bad under clothing. They are a little wider in the middle, with good leak guards, so they really help reduce leaks. The diapers are thinner than an Abena M4, but have a higher capacity, much like the Tena was thinner, but had a high capacity. I have also found that they are very soft and comfortable on the inside, and they seem to have solved the problem of the padding clumping up and falling apart. I wore them recently on a camping trip, which is usually hell on a diaper, since I am moving around, and sweating more than usual. I found that I could wear them for 8 to 10 hours and not have any padding clumping, where I am lucky to get 6 hours out of my usual abena M4 under those conditions. I hope this helps.

I have severe urge incontinence to the point that I must wear a diaper 24/7. I am rarely able to use the toilet and have to rely on diapers to absorb almost all my urine. I regularly use the following three premium brands:

Abena Level 4 (M4) with plastic backing for daytime use at times when I will have access to good facilities for changing when the need arises. One of these will typically last me for four or five hours.

ComfiDry 24/7 for daytime use when I am going to be in situations where there are no good facilities for changing. These diapers hold substantially more than an Abena but are somewhat more bulky and difficult to conceal under clothing. One of these can usually last 12 or more hours before it requires.At my age, I no longer worry as much as I used to about concealment.

Rearz Inspire+ for wearing overnight in bed. This product has an absorbent capacity greater than almost anything else on the market. One of them will last me all night with only very rare small leaks is I wet while sleeping on my side.
I used to use the Tena basic slip plastic backed. Then they changed it too!

MY current replacement for daytime use is the Tranquility ATN. Plastic backed, leak guards, SAP that can hold at least 2 wettings, but it does not have a waistband (which is something I can forego if the diaper is otherwise trustworthy, ie: no leaks).
Tena still seem good to me, but I don't use the slips anymore, preferring the Tena Flex which are belted with velcro fastenings. I like the comfort and convenience of refastening. I use a super grade in the day normally and maxi level for trips and at night. I get slight leakage sometimes with the thinner pad, but at night few problems .even if I sleep on my side

Tena have made major changes to their produce's over the years, these are not universally popular and I cannot see the point of doing away with the plastic backing.

They remain my choice for cost effectiveness and security
Have you tried the Northshore Supremes? I find that the Northshore Supreme Lite is a decent daytime diaper, thicker than the old Tena Slip Maxi of course but probably more absorbent and the plastic is relatively quiet.
Thanks for all the feedback. I have not, of course, tried any of the Europe-only brands. (I checked extensively; they are in fact Europe-only.) I've tried Rearz; as I mentioned I can't afford the shipping penalty that makes them the most expensive diapers on the market. Northshore is indeed pretty good, but every time I try them I find them lacking compared to the TSM. Maybe I'll give the Secure a try, though they aren't cheap either.

Damn it, Tena: look what you've done to us!!!
Yep, I'm still trying to recover from that tragic loss. They were the best diapers I've ever had, hope they will start making the plastic backed ones again. Don't like 24/7 bad fit for me, Abena M4 same thing and the lower tapes suck. North shore is very stiff ! Tried some Seni cloth backs that XP has, they are supposed to be the best cloth backs, but still I always had to wear something to keep my diaper from sliding down or getting loose.
The ID Expert Slip has good fit and absorbency. I'm just now trying the ABU Cushies, and I like them, excellent fit and a single tape is nice, good absorbency, but the oder control is not great, that's a downer. The pattern is babyish of course, but compared to the drab institutional look (although I did like the pattern on the Tena slip maxi), I think the pattern on the Cushiness is upbeat, cheerful, and colorful !
Inconinmiss said:
Kerry, I assume that the shipping penalty that you refer to regarding Rearz products arose because you bought their products from their headquarters in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Rearz products are also available from the following companies in the U.S.

Yes I did order from Canada. I know, though, that there are some places in the US where you can get them. (I have heard there is actually a drug store in northern Indiana where you can buy them off the shelf!) The thing is, though, that the penalty still applies; it is just added to the cost. As an example, look at Bambino, which we can all agree is a pretty pricey company to begin with. They offer two Rearz diapers, so let's compare prices with their own best diaper, the Bellissimo. You can get a case of 48 Bellissimos (M) for $98; that's about $2 a diaper. Rearz Princess, OTOH, are 36/$110, or about $3 a diaper! CooshieTooshie has almost the exact same price. The other sites you listed didn't have Rearz...or really any disposables at all.

It's good to know that these sites exist though. Even at $3/diaper, they are obviously cheaper than they'd be if you tack on a $30 shipping charge to a more normal price. Thanks!

- - - Updated - - -

I went to the Tena website and wrote a message wondering why on earth they made what I believe has to be one of the poorest marketing decisions since New Coke. I wonder if they will respond. I'll let you know.
kerry said:
I went to the Tena website and wrote a message wondering why on earth they made what I believe has to be one of the poorest marketing decisions since New Coke. I wonder if they will respond. I'll let you know.

I hope you get an answer, but I fear it's going to be something like this:

We apologize but TENA slip products are not currently offered in the US. For a comparable product we suggest you try the TENA protective underwear.

which you can find on Tena's official US website in the Q&A section at the bottom.
The Secure personal care that iowaincon mentioned sound promising, I gotta try them. I had heard of them a long time ago, didn't know they were still being marketed, their not a high profile diaper by comparison with others. Trying not to get my hopes up, but you gave them a pretty good recommendation.
Astatine said:
I hope you get an answer, but I fear it's going to be something like this:

which you can find on Tena's official US website in the Q&A section at the bottom.

Quite right about how useless their answer was. They did not even answer the question. I didn't really expect them to, but it would have been nice. Ah well...
90 % of the adult diapers out there are one bladder full only.
and for the most part insurance companies will only cover the worst of these.

The companies like to sell these one use diapers because they are cheap to make and it takes a lot per day for the people that use them.

I use A+ level 4 from xpmedical with there XL booster and get at least 12 hours without a change and some times 24 hours.

In the long run i pay less for the A+ and booster theni would pay for 3 to 5 diaper changes a day with the cheap diapers.
hey guys! So i'm not sure if it's a Germany/central Europe only thing but there is a good plastic backed Tena diaper!
I was surprised to see Saveexpress (imo the best diaper selling site) had a new plastic backed TENA diaper.
It is called "Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi" (medium in my case) it seems VERY similar to the old TENA Maxis with a couple of exceptions. One, its padding doesn't rip as easily (i used to have a problem with the padding coming apart in the frond probably from it being folded really tightly in the packaging) and two, they removed the large plastic landing zone for the tapes and have started using the "double tapes" so many other producers like Abena use.
Honestly I like them better now than before I have to say.
I'm not sure if it's allowed to post links here but i'll do it anyways:

give it a go, I think you'll be happy :) :biggrin:

happy testing everyone!
See if you can get a hold of the Tena Active Fit, which is fully plastic backed. It's not the old one but basically the current model minus its cotton feel issues.
FunLovingLeaker said:
The Secure personal care that iowaincon mentioned sound promising, I gotta try them. I had heard of them a long time ago, didn't know they were still being marketed, their not a high profile diaper by comparison with others. Trying not to get my hopes up, but you gave them a pretty good recommendation.

I've used them. They work well, but I found cheaper options that are acceptable for me. Seni (from XP medical) is my new preferred premium brand.
Wonder if we all wrote to them that they would reconsider..surely if sales are down then they would have to rethink on the outer again and the more people that write and complain i am sure they would change back as seen other companies do this if enough people bombard them with complaints ..hugs xxx
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