Start of Second Week & Retail Selection

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Well, after reevaluating the opportunities for wearing diapers, which in my case is only in public at school, I have bought another package, Assurance Briefs Large from Walmart.

You see, before this weekend my opportunities seemed slim as there are only 10 more class days in the semester, however, I figured that I could extend this time on campus using the need to study for exams as an excuse. So, 10 days @ 1-3 a day, easy enough to use a 16-ct package and try to store the rest if not.

Anyway, I bought a package of assurance briefs large, however, I wasted $10. I went over to Walgreen's first and bought theirs, but in medium. This was based purely on my jean size, which is 42 inches. They came nowhere close to fitting. So, I had to toss them. Even the large assurance briefs which say they go up to 58 inches only just barely seemed to fit, we'll see how they hold up. At least then Assurance are still pretty discreet, with only a bit more bulk over then Depend Adjustable Underwear.

I would also like to reiterate that I am going for a practical approach and experimenting. It is not all about wetting as much as I can or acting like a baby, but using as an alternative to the stress of having to rush to a crowded nasty bathroom and putting unnecessary stress on the bladder. Thus, they need to be able to hold a modest wetting to last until end of class or until the bus gets to its destination, while not affecting my daily routine and remaining discreet.

Adding to this, I am amazed at the lack of retail selection and the apparent non-competitiveness of the stores. The only selection at Walmart is small Depend briefs, depend adjustable underwear, and large assurance briefs. At Walgreen's, they only carried Certainty, in a 16 count medium and a 40 ct large. The did not even carry briefs at Publix.

I know a lot of you prefer to order, but as it is not an option for me, I am just shit out of luck if none of these work.

Anyway, that is my short rant.

I will try to leave an account of using these assurance briefs later.
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