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Did anyone get their tickets for the movie? I've got two sets. I can't wait for this movie! I've been a fan for over two decades. (I watched it first as a toddler) Hope everyone can get their tickets.
If I decide to pay for a movie, I get my tickets there. That way, I'll never forget to go =P
I never go opening day or week.
We've had a family tradition for a while, where we all go to see a big block buster movie the day or two after Christmas. We've seen the three Lord of the Rings movies, and the Hobbit movies this way. I thought that the new Star Wars movie would be the one to see this Christmas.
I'm going after Christmas. There will be plenty of theaters showing it where I live and I have never been a "I have to see it first" kind of guy. Nothing wrong with that, it's just not me.

I really have no idea when I'll get to watch it. The movie seems very good and I'm excited for it. (As much as I'm ever excited for a movie, which is not very much I admit.) However, I have no idea when I'll be able to go see it.

I suppose whenever it happens, it happens. Normally I would simply say for maximum comfort I would just wait for it to eventually come out Blu-Ray, but I have a feeling I won't be able to avoid it's cultural presence in our internet age. So.. I suppose I would like to try to see it in theaters in some way. Watching movies this way is just so expensive!
No because I going on the release date on December-17-2015 :2thumbsup:
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