Star Wars: Rogue One teaser.

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The teaser for rogue one is here! What do you guys think.
Personally I think it looks good but not as good as the "mainline" films which have come out so far, particularly the original trilogy.
It looks pretty good... It can't beat the original trilogy (especially Episode IV (not one of the remastered versions, the version before George Lucas replaced storyline with CGI)). I'll admit though, that even after having been to the cinema to see The Force Awakens twice, I'm still torn between whether I love it (as a great standalone film with paradigm-shifting cinematography), or hate it (as the basic plot is essentially a rehash of A New Hope and it doesn't fit perfectly with the pre-existing Extended Universe, meaning that EU is no longer canon).

I think, though, that no matter what I end up feeling about it, I'll probably end up taking Comic Book Guy's approach: "I will only see it three more times. Today.​

In closing, Han shot first.
The only 2 things that bug me about TFA is the plot similarities to the original and the fact that the main villain reminds me of and angsty teenager.
I personally enjoyed TFA. People like to complain about the plot similarities to the original trilogy, but I think that's what needed to happen since a sense of familiarity was needed after the prequels majorly detracted from people liked about Star Wars.

As for Rogue One, I like how they're legitimately doing their best to replicate the style of the original trilogy with the updated CGI (that short scene of the large dish being put into the Death Star looked incredibly like the sets and models of the first movie). Plus, I like how they're trying something new by doing this and it allows for them to finally put ACTUAL canon stories to all of these events.
I can't wait. I LOVE Star Wars.
I saw the teaser this weekend. I think it looks great, i can't wait to watch it!

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