Star wars move again.

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Hi everyone.

Gess what? I going to see the star wars film again. As a special treat. Not sour why. It was a surprise.

I got to wight for nearly a hour before I can go into to see the film and there's not much for a little boy like me to get up to.

I am a bit worried about Daddy he been up to something the last few days. Hope he is ok and I not getting to much for him.

It the weekend so perhaps we can do something nice to chear him up.

Hope your day has been full of fun and lather.

Fantastic movie, I've watch it three times already.
I'm waiting for it to come to the theater that's closest to where I live. It's a single screen theater, but has a huge screen & a THX sound system. I got to watch it awhile back at the next closest theater to me. But it was a small screen & horrible sound; & I think that contributed to my not really liking it. I'm hoping to go again & have a better experience.
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