Star Wars: Battlefront

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Is anyone else pumped for this game? The official teaser trailer came out last week, and the in-engine Frostbite footage looks incredible. I'm very excited to see how DICE handle this game, but I'm also apprehensive given their... rocky past (re: Battlefield 4). I'm holding out hope that their fear of Star Wars fanboy wrath will cause them to playtest to almost a fault before release because I can't imagine the repercussions of a bad launch. What are your thoughts on the trailer, and are you planning on picking it up?
I've seen the trailer and was a lover of the orginal Battlefronts 1 and 2. There was nothing wrong with these games. They were great as they stood. Dice is slowly killing the game I once loved. No iron sights, no space battles and only 12 levels! They have all of this tech to work with and can't even beat a game from a decade back. Give me a hd version of the old games and let this failed project die.
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Honestly, I haven't watched any of the trailers, and one early teaser. I want to walk into this game absolutely blind and just play it as a nostalgia trip because one and two were probably my favorite games on PS2, and all time favorite star wars games, period.

So I'm hyped for nostalgia and nothing more. However, since this is DICE, I've got my concerns.
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