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I would consider myself a "hardcore" gamer, because I've spent OVER 300 hours on only 3 RPG games (Grandia 1, 2 and Final Fantasy X)

Also, spore is a fun game, but each stage is bettered by another game, but no other game has all five stages together (unfortunately) I could image the tribe stage and civilization stage to be played out like an extreme RTS (like command and Conquer or Age Of Empires or Black and White

Also, I NEED a real story and purpose to a game. This is why I fail to play Sims 2 for longer than 2 hours (total) before getting bored and passing it on to my, much younger, brother. Spore wasn't as fast, but as soon as I got about 1 hour into the space stage, I got bored, with a lack of the story developing past -
1. expand!
2. Expand!!
3. EXPAND, until you reach the centre of the universe!!!

I can see the appeal to it, but as said before (by me + many others) there are other games which deliver for each stage.

for a full (and funny) review see:
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