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Hey everyone! I really want to take the plunge and buy some Tena Slip Maxis before they're gone :(. This thread requires some background info, so I'll try to keep it short:

I live with my parents (who are pretty nosy). My dad works the night shift and generally gets home in the 11:30 (am) - 12:00 noon range, then sleeps until dinner. My mom's a flight attendant who usually takes 3 day trips. One such trip is coming up next week, giving me an opportunity to buy the diapers (I should note that I'm going to buy them from Bambino's website). I have one younger brother who (should be) oblivious watching Dr. Who.

So here are my questions:
If I select the two-day shipping method from Bambino, is it reasonable to assume that I would receive the package after noon or 12:30? Can anyone who has ordered from Bambino tell me the average time you got your diapers? Also, I will be purchasing a cash card (one of those reloadable Visa-type cards); can those be used to order from Bambino? Any input is appreciated! Thanks guys!
Delivery time will be based on your local route and how busy the driver is that day, so I don't think anyone can really answer that for you. However, I think both fedex and UPS have premium options to deliver at said times, but they cost extra money, and require a subscription payment as well.
My experience with shipping here in Canada is that if they get the day right, consider yourself lucky. Might be better in the US, but if you are trying to time something down to a window of several hours, you're really playing with fire.

As has been said, most shipping companies have options that give you greater control. For example, UPS has "MyChoice", which among other things lets you have them hold the package at a UPS store for you to pick up.
Thanks anyway guys! Guess I'll just have to play it by ear.
UPS Stores can receive your package and let you pick it up at YOUR convenience.
UPS Stores can receive your package and let you pick it up at YOUR convenience.

I was considering that option. However, I looked into USPS priority mail and I think that's the way I'm gonna do it. My dad actually delivers for UPS so there would be a good chance that he would handle any package in my area. Hopefully I can place the order Wednesday; fingers crossed!
I received my package in the mail today! I'm so excited to try 'em out! Here's one very happy DL!
In the interest of helping those in a similar situation as I am, here are a few things I learned:

• I ordered from Bambino and chose the USPS Priority Mail Express shipping. Supposedly, it is an overnight service delivered by 3:00 pm (home addresses) or 10:30 am (select Post Offices). That being said, it took two days for my diapers to arrive. That's right, I paid good money for overnight shipping and they arrived a day late. I'm completely satisfied with what's in the box, just not really the time it got here. Next time, I will choose UPS's two day air service. The bottom line: If you decide to use USPS Priority Mail Express be aware that it's a two day option!
• I ordered the package Thursday and like I said it arrived Saturday. I was awakened by a doorbell Saturday morning: the post man who required a signature! Not good! My dad signed off on it and I managed to play off the package as something uninteresting. So if you're ordering from Bambino, make sure you waive the signature in the special requests box!
• Let's talk packaging. I went overboard and ordered two sample packs of Tenas, one pack of M4s, and one pack of Molicare Super Plus diapers. I thought maybe they would come in a few padded envelopes, but they came in a discreet brown box. I was very happy with the discreet packaging.

And that's it! I hope this helped some of those who maybe had questions to not make the same mistakes I did.
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