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When was the last time any of you sorted thru your stash?

It's been a while since I went thru my stash and reorganized my diapers. I have a basic idea what's there but I usually end up with a surprise discovery. I mean I know it's there but I'm always surprised that it's there.
For example. The other day I went to my stash to get some stickers from ABU for my pink and blue Str8Ups and while rifling thru some boxes I came across several diapers that had slipped my mind like a few BunnyHopps 2 tape, a partial bag each of cloth backed Cushies and PreSchools. I know I have full packs of these diapers but completely forgot that these partial bags existed. A very pleasant surprise if you ask me.
Also during this rummaging expedition I discovered 8 brand new bottles of baby powder and few partial bottles and 2 partial bottles of J&J baby lotion.
I know there are some things in my stash but rediscovering is like getting my first pack of real ABDL diapers. Kinda exciting even though subconsciously I know they are there. Does anyone else experience this when sorting there stash?

As soon as the weather warms I'm gonna head to the garage and tear down the pallets and organize my stash and excitedly rediscover some long lost forgotten gems. I know I have some old white Attends 3 tape diapers in there somewhere. I won't use them but I'll definitely listen to that soothing crinkle as I squeeze them in my hands.
Maybe I'll send one off to ABU to see if they can replicate the plastic shell for a new diaper. Idk, giving up such a classic, nostalgic diaper is really really hard to do. I don't think I could part with it unless there's a written agreement to send it back to
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I have a box of disposable nappies under the bed and an ottoman at the end of the bed with disposables in too.
These I/my GF go to when I’m wearing/need a change.

Under the bed also are two space saving containers, one which has cloth nappies, the other one is filled with a selection of my plastic pants, again both are regular used.

In the loft however are three cases with ABDL bits in that I rarely open.
A case full of plastic pants that I no longer use and a case of AB bits (bottles/toys/colouring books etc) that my GF tried with/on me but were not my thing.

The last big case, which is the final part of my stash, contains a single disposable from every pack of a new brand/model I’ve ever bought going back years. I only ever open this case to add to it when I buy a pack of disposables that are new to the market
That case would be interesting to look through one day.
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I am assuming that with time and variation in temperature /humidity you are seeing a bit of loss in the adhesion of the tabs? I rotate my auto based diaper bags in the Spring and Fall to assure that the stock is current.

I will admit that your discussions was a trip down memory lane as it has been sometime since I had remembered several of those diapers. Thanks for the memory, good friends! Much appreciated!!
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I like to go through my stash and collection every so often just to see what’s in there. I definitely still surprise myself sometimes 🙂
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I keep an inventory of my diapers both on google sheets and using the Crinkles app, but even with those some diapers I have slip my mind for usage unless I'm looking at the full list and actively thinking about trying something new/different. I do on occasion like to dig through the stash just to look at everything; the thought/sight of having so many diapers on hand just makes me happy.
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Marjory of the time I just go thought one bag at a time ! Just keep 4 to 5 bag in closet with only one bag open to use. Every so often I fine one that been miss place ! Its kind of like a surprise treat when I fine one like that mostly if it an printed one !
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I've got some MegaMax that are now over a year old (and a few others). I've been thinking I should use them up this summer before the tapes or the SAP becomes "stale". Nothing lasts forever.
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