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Sorry for Late Introductions

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  1. Diaper Lover
Hello, everyone! Sorry for the late introductions! I'm a diaper lover and little boy in the middle of college, with a thirst for knowledge, a passion for people and a quirky persona. Whenever people ask me what my major is, I tell them I paint pictures with words. I'm a writer, or at least, I hope to be.

The reason I'm here is because I wanted to have an avenue by witch I might ask others who share one of my unique and more private traits. I wish to continue to explore who I am, and this aspect is still a bit fuzzy. Particularly, I'm still learning about my little side...There's the stigma that only girls are little's and if you're a boy, then you're a sissy. I know, not true, but that stigma is why I'm only now exploring this aspect of myself.

Other interests...Well, where to start? I love science, history (specifically military history), science fiction, video games, immersive stories within dynamic, immersive universes, romance, and deep, lasting friendships. I don't do well with superficial conversation.

I'm likely to read more than post, and my log-on's will be sporadic, but as I said above, I'm here to learn and explore. I want to learn, to challenge myself, and to grow.

Finally, feel free to call me Jin if that's easier. It isn't my real name, but it'll do better than dlboy1993.


Nice introduction. You've really piqued my interest. For starters, what makes you Little - or what do you do that is Little?

I am also a bit of a history fan. Currently into Civil War - recently read biography of US Grant.

Look forward to learning more about you

Welcome to Adisc - you sound like a very interesting character!

I know you've only just intro'd but I see a lot of myself in you - or at least your self description. I'm 21 as well. Finishing with more questions: Favrit diaper (if you don't mind me asking) and do you write poetry? I do and it's a good mental and creative exercise. Welcome agen to this fantastic site. bringmesunshine
You came to the right avenue then :) Welcome and better late than never!
@Deke: For me, it's a bit hard to describe exactly as I don't necessarily "do" anything that's outright little. My ideal little age is between 7 and 14, although I hover around 8 most of the time. At that age, I had few responsibilities, yet was trusted with a fair degree of independence. I was also still bedwetting at the time, and wore goodnites. Even then I liked diapers; I felt safer in them especially after wetting. When puberty hit, it began to take on a more sexual role, but that old safety is still there.

Ah, yeah, the US Civil War was a very interesting time. I have several biographies on Joshua L. Chamberlain, but none on Grant. I also have a fascination with Robert E. Lee. From what I have read, Lee embodied the best traits of aristocracy. A noble night who believed that with privilege came specific obligation. He would have fit in better in an Athurian Legend than America mere decades after his campaigns!

@bringmesunshine: Favorite diaper? Hmm, that's tough, it depends, i suppose. I do like Bambino Bianca's, but they have an odd smell; the pulp, maybe? I'm a fan of the DC Amor, although, like many others, I'm waiting for the new version with better tapes. Tena slip Maxi are good, but leak a tiny bit when I flood them (large bladder), and expensive! I really like the new goodnites as they're bigger, but they don't hold much...

I think for most of the time, the new Always Discrete Maxi. The perfume is a tiny bit strong, but they're discrete (no pun intended), hold a decent amount and I can get 19 for $11. They're still a store bought diaper, so I can't flood them, but they hold more than their competitors.

For a premium diaper, I'm excited for the new Amor. The fixed tapes will make it just about perfect regardless of exterior. I would like to see a more gender neutral diaper or a boyish one from Diaper Connoisseur, but one thing at a time.

As for poetry, I did more when I was younger, not so much now. I'm working on a book right now: Military Sci-Fi. Humanity is xenophobic, and we encounter an alien species and we're more advanced.

Do we:
A. Wage a campaign of genocide, subjugation, and colonization like the imperialists of Europe between 1490's and 20th century?
B. Make an Alliance?
C. Chose aggressive isolation?
D. Fall into bickering and then civil war between war hawks and isolationists?

@All: Thanks for the warm reception.
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