sooo.... diaper ideas

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so i dont get to get my hands on any diaper other then goodnites but i did gt my hands on some great diapers but and want to use them but also want to wait for a special occasion and i currently have (other then goodnites)
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i dont want to use them all up right away but i do want to try them out
I would say, try them on these 'special occasions', then whichever you liked most put in an order for a whole pack. Consider it a sample pack, maybe?
Do what Pizza said, or if you're low on money, try buying some adult cloth diapers, they can be reused as many times as they need to be, though I'm not a fan of cloth.
I would recommend that, along with Pizza's suggestion, you start by trying the 2-ofs before the 1-ofs, and change which one you use each time (Not the same type 2 times in a row).
once i get out of school i can get a job and then i am going to have money for plenty of diapers so one part of me is saying you are out of school in 11 days just wear them another part is saying to wait
babysnow, you will know when the right time will be. If your anything like me you'll get the urge and find that you cant wait any longer and just go for it. But if getting them is really tough for you right now then you will have to spread out your wearing so they will last until your in an opportunity to buy more.

I have to giggle because you mentioned getting a job and trying to get diapers. It reminded me of the one time I had this job and the on-line store mentioned discrete shipping. So I had the sample pack delivered to my work. The box was huge when it came and the receptionist called for me and asked what is this. I was so uncomfortable and just said it was car parts. I couldn't ship to my home because I had not told anyone at home about my situation. I put the big box in my car and later transferred the diapers to a much smaller duffel bag and brought that into the house.
my home situation is fine people know about it and they just kinda ignore it but i am just not good with some online things so... yeah and i do want to try a few things
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