soo this just happend

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I was taping a fresh diaper on and one of the tapes pulled clean off. Luckly it has three tapes on each side(depends protection with taps)
You'll have that with the Depend brand. Try not pulling so hard, the extra tapes will keep it up without having to be pulled really tight.
this is the first time it has happened to me but its what ever. its on tight.
Thanks for the advice
That's no fun! I've never had that problem with Depends. For all their faults, the tapes always worked very well for me. Hope you don't run into that again.
I've had a couple of Bambino diapers do that. I either pulled too hard on the tapes or it was a manufacturing defect.
I've had that *almost* happen a few times. I've pulled on a tape and it felt like something was beginning to give. I have so far stopped pulling before the tape came off and taped it a little more loosely than usual.
I seem to be horrible at taping adult diapers .... almost every one of the tapes on one side of my abena S4 I have pulled too hard and almost ripped off. The first side I'm great with and then the second side, bah! almost ripped off. Oh well there is always duct tape. I think I'm going back to goodnights, underjams and pampers extra protection - they are more comfy, just wish their crotch area near the bum was a touch bigger, it gives me a wedgie sometimes :/
A few months ago, I accidentally bought cloth-backed Abenas instead of plastics. Maybe it's just the way I diaper myself, but I'd say that, of the package I bought, the velcro tapes had a 50% failure rate on at least 1 side. Really dissapointing failure of an otherwise superb high-capacity diaper. Thank god for packing tape haha.
I've never had trouble with tapes ..I go between M4's and dry 24/7 usual a case of each at time , just started a run of 24/7's and it always take me a few to get them where they don't leak when full by morning
Pulled off where? I find most cloth-like diaper tapes pull off the back sheet rather than coming unstuck form the front. The easy fix is to put a staple in them where their attached to the back sheet before putting on the diaper.
I think it happens with all diapers from time to time. I've had it happen to me on different ones, from some of the cheaper ones to the expensive premium ones. It's just something that happens sometimes. Problems with a batch.
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