Songs You CAN'T Listen To?

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This is a bit of a weird question so let me explain it. There have been threads on songs you like and don't like.. But I'm asking if there's a song that you don't necessarily think is a bad song, but you just can't make yourself listen to anymore?

Like if it was associated with bad memories or people in your life, and it's just stuck with you and you can't bring yourself to listen to the whole thing through.

The main reason I'm making this thread is because there's this song, I'm sure everybody has heard of it, "Forever Young" by Youth Group. I don't know, I've just had it associated with old friends memories from years ago, it just makes me feel so sad and nostalgic that I can't even bring myself to hum more than a few seconds of the chorus, let alone listen to the song. Am I just crazy or are there other people who feel a similar way about other songs? :)
I love Billy Joel's song, "Lullaby" but it always makes me tear up. I'm sure he wrote if for his daughter, and I always think of my daughter. Like Billy Joel, I grew up on the bay and Atlantic ocean, and I had a boat most of my childhood. Every time I hear that song I think about my close relationship with my daughter and how heart broken she'll be when I die. The thing is, lullabies go on and on......... I just hope I can always watch over her.
I used to be a listener to Lost Prophets in my emoy tweenage years and loved them. But I just can't listen to them any more and it isn't even for a reason like nostalgia or a bad memory. If you didn't already know about them then the basic gist is that the singer was arrested and imprisoned. I'm really not sure if this is the place to talk about what he did, but if you want to know, you have the internet.

And since then I feel disgusted for ever liking them. It's not even that there songs are bad which is heartbreaking because if it weren't for that incident, I'd still be listening to them.

If you want to know a song that really sets me off though: Hello, by Evanesance. Every time I hear it just makes me think of my aunt who passed away. I urge you to give it a listen if you want a real tear jerking song. T^T If you aren't moved even a little, there's something wrong with you.
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