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Have you ever heard a song you really liked but couldn't remember the artist nor the lyrics? Nowadays, given either it's very simple to find a song you've listened to on the internet. Those tunes that you hear, that you like, but that's all you have!

This thread is devoted to people who know and people who want to know song tunes and names, artists, or even lyrics.

Instructions on how to put the tune into something we can hear:

Option 1:

1) Record yourself playing an instrument, singing, or whistling what you remember of the tune (or something else!)
2) Upload the file to a website that'll allow us to download it. My preferred upload/download site is this site.
3) Post the link you get here and save the delete link if you want to delete it later!
4) If someone recognizes it, post what you believe the song is, and if you can find a link to it (YouTube, Dogpile etc) post that too,

Option 2:
1) Use Finale Notepad, a free composition program, to make the thing if it's too complicated to play or sing. When you're finished, save the song as a MIDI.
2) See Option 1, step 2.

If all goes well this should be really helpful to you people who are bad with lyrics or names like me! I'll post an example as soon as I make it and upload it.

Edit: Here it is. It's pretty bad, but hey, it'll serve as a good enough example.

I think it's by Bach, or Mozart. I can't remember. I chose harpsichord but it may be played by a piano, or even a group!

You don't really have to use that program, anything that'll make a (hopefully) recognizable tune.
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hey i played that song on the piano when i was a kid! it's an invention by bach. i'll try to figure out which one.


here it is! and played by glenn gould, no less!

here it is again, played by an 8-year-old.

i would have posted my own question in this thread about a tune i've been trying to place, but by a curious coicindence it turned out to be ANOTHER bach invention, and i ran across it while i was looking for yours. here is it is, just because it's so unbelievably cool.
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