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So, hello.

I'm "FightMeHelen,"

This will be my first time posting on the "Diaper Talk" forums, and my second time in total on this entire website... How exciting!

So, I would really appreciate some tips on buying diapers from the store or from online (preferably both.) I haven't been able to get any serious diapers, I have gotten Huggies Goodnites and Pampers Underjams but people don't really consider them "diapers." Not stuff like ABU and Bambino. So, yeah... Tips would be greatly appreciated. Such on how I could get them shipped to my house without my parents finding out, hiding spots, etc.

My parents actually do know about my diaper life-style but I've been keeping it on the low. I feel really embarrassed whenever my parents ever bring it up, but the urge for diapers is so strong!

Thank you for taking your time to read this,

Hi FightMeHelen!

I too struggle with the struggle of nosy parents so I feel your pain ;-;

I've never used any of the fancy ABDL diapers either but would love to try them sometime, I use some Attends my grandma gives to my mom to sell at her garage sales. You could get diapers at walmart or other supermarkets where I strongly suggest going at night and using self check out haha.

Do you have your own debit / credit card? If you do you can order from specialty sites or Amazon as long as you're the only one in the house or get up early enough to grab your package before someone else does.

If you drive and have your own car, I suggest keeping them in your trunk or glove compartment as long as no one else uses that vehicle and grabbing the stash next time you're home alone. Personally though, it might be a little risky to have more than 2 packages on you at a time meaning you'll need more places to hide them.

My personal favorite hiding place is inside large stuffed animals perched somewhere where no one can reach them without going by you first (like on top of a window frame / tall dresser in your room)

Other popular places I've heard of people hiding diapers in is in between the shelves of a dresser, under floorboards, behind vents, buried deep inside a closet, etc.

As for disposal, the best place is in an outdoor trash receptacle. But if that isn't an option, I like putting mine in the bathroom trash where the smells blend in perfectly. Only 1, maybe 2 at a time though as the added weight can be a dead giveaway. Also wet diapers only... Messed diapers have a much stronger smell to them and may be suspicious.
I greatly appreciate the help dude! Some great tips I must say.

Sadly there's a few things I can't do/am scared of, like hiding them in the car. (Since I don't have one... yet!) And I'm afraid that if I buy from Amazon or some Diaper website that my parents will get the package, since I'm going to School, and open the package on me. I might be able to have the package shipped somewhere else and just pick it up from there though, so that's a solution. Again I really appreciate the tips. Thank you!

Hmm... That is a predicament...
Are there any buses within walking distance where you live? You could say you're going to attend a study group or visit a friend and catch a bus to a grocery store. Then hide your goods somewhere around the outside of your house like behind a bush, in a bbq pit, or buried under ground until you can retrieve it.

Do any of your friends know about you wearing? If they do maybe it's possible for them to drive you if they have their own vehicle.

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Alternatively... If there's absolutely no other way... You could suddenly "develop" a bedwetting problem.

Although this could be risky and involve your parents taking you to a doctor. Or a therapist considering they already know you like diapers.

Considering you're 18 or older, it might be time you consider getting a job and moving out once school ends for you. Or transferring to a college with single dormitories so you'll be free to wear all you wish.
There are buses where I live, and I can always bike to the closest town. It's about a 20 minute bike ride. None of my friends know about me wearing since I'm too scared to ever bring it up around them, they'd probably think I'm a freak! Bedwetting would be a last resort if it did get really terrible, but eh. And moving out or transferring college dorms wouldn't work since I'm not in college in the first place, and I'm living with my parents without a job. I have been planning on moving out soon if I get a good enough paying job, so that's good.

Again, I say thanks for your help.

So you are in high school? I never wore in high school. I did wet myself on purpose a few times without protection. All diapers are real, just feels a little different when you wear an ABDL one. Really not a big deal to me. I would rather wear a cheap diaper every day with a good stuffer than an expensive brand less often. I own sime thicker ones like Abena M3, Spoiled, and Snuggies and they mostly just sit in storage. Maybe it would be different if I had an ABDL friend that liked to wear premium with me. As it is GoodNites work best for me because my husband likes the small underwear type profile better. When he is not home, I wear mostly just plain white. I use Parent's Choice baby diapers as well because they have a great pocket for messing. I just use as stuffers as I haven't fit into them.

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a good place if you wear jeans etc is to stash them in your cupboard in the legs etc..then fold thm so just look like pile of your jeans wherever you keep them...i never venture into my sons wardrobe and if i had to wouldnt think anything of a pile of jeans folded up .....another good way is to make a false bottom for your drawers....peice of wood same size as one you got put the diapers under it then your clothes on top..or if your mom dosnt often clean your room...a hook at the back of a set of drawers or wardrobe..with a bag on hide them there...most dont pull out furniture so be well concealed xxx
Do yourself a favor and order some good diapers online. No matter how old you are, life is too short for sh!t diapers. Store-bought diapers will always be a disappointment, especially recently. UPS and FedEx both have options to deliver to a local store-front. Mine are within walking distance. Choose a vendor that uses a delivery service that is close to you.

Also, all good vendors have a 'sample pack' that allows you to choose the right size and see if you like their product. It costs more per diaper, but is still a low-cost entry point for a good experience.

You picked a good time to try diapers for the first time. When I first started exploring diapers, it was impossible to get anything like what we have today.

Many options are listed on this site.
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