Some themes and motifs that push "little" buttons more than others


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So, this is something that occurred to me when I recently took a regular "detour" down the diaper aisle at the store and seeing the various character prints on the diapers and pullups. Pull-Ups (the actual brand) currently have Mickey and Minnie Mouse themes on them. I know from some depictions that they previously had a Lion Guard design. Somehow, the thought of a Lion Guard-themed pullup pushed my "little" buttons but the Mickey Mouse theme didn't really do anything. I guess the main reason is that I think of Mickey as a mascot while The Lion Guard is a specific show aimed at young kids. I get similar "little" vibes from the PJ Masks and Paw Patrol themes I see on other diapers and training pants. Outside of diaper motifs (though these have been on diapers/pullups at some point as well) have been characters (often regressed) in Barney or Sesame Street getups. Some other themes like other Disney characters, MLP (I was a brony once upon a time), and Marvel I have watched outside of a "little" capacity so they don't do anything for me in that regard.

Anyone else have remarks along those lines of themes that do or don't trigger some "little" feelings?
Definitely. For me though it’s characters that I grew up with. Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, Thomas the tank engine, ect.
for me the biggest thing that hits my little button is red and pink strawberry themed stuff, because i really loved strawberry shortcake as a kid
I don’t buy diapers at a supermarket any more, don’t really see anything interesting there.