Some observations I have in miid 30s compared to when I was younger


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I'm in my mid 30s and have a very different approach than I did when I was a teenager.

From having to hide everything who I was from everyone, to being horrified of buying diapers in a store, to actually growing up by force and getting older and having a different approach life.

I went from just getting aroused even if someone said the word diaper to the point where jump ahead to the present. My wife could see me in a diaper and literally not even say a word.

It's like we want people to have the shock factor but we don't. This topic can go all different ways. Having a family now makes things even harder for abdl. Im at the age now where if I had the house to myself do I try to regress, do I cut the grass go work out, go get a drink play some video games because even video games when your an adult can be frowned apon.

So it used to consume me now its just a part of me. It used to be my whole life. Now picking up a pack of diapers can be the same as just buying a loaf of bread. I may get a little embarrassed but I have a small store on eBay so who knows maybe I am just buying items for my store.

If I was single I would be a total different person.I would be going to munchies, abdl parties being very wild, convections.

It reminds me of when your single you want to be a relationship and when your in a family you wish you could be single.