Some major changes.

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I used to post in mature topics because my wife and I were having a lot of trouble with my fetish.

It's been months since I've been on here so I thought I'd update.

We went from being ok with me being diapered to me using (pee only) almost all the time. Went from being hubby and wife with a diaper fetish to mommy and little boy! I call her mommy when we have our baby time and she's even made me a onsie! Like, hand made. It's absolutely amazing, everything is great. I'm not her baby all the time, we have 2 daughters and another on the way, we found out we are pregnant last week.

Just so much awesome. Mommy gave me my first bubble bath the other day and it was so relaxing. I'm going to keep rambling though. So I'm going to leave it at that. Haha. Yay!
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Wow. That's seems to be a major turn around. I'm glad things are so much better.
Thats wonderful its so much more fun now and congratulations too on the baby news to you and your mommy.hugs xxxx
Congrwts, my girlfriend left me because of this and because of her lying to me but that is a different story. Congrats though on finding someone that accepts you.
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