• Note: ADISC does NOT allow personal ads. This includes "looking for ____" or "anyone in ____" type introduction posts. To write a good introduction, focus on explaining who you are, NOT what you are looking for. The goal should be to help other people get to know you a bit.

Some friendly advice for new users.

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Here's a couple of tips for ADISCing. Simple, I know, but necessary.

#1. Please do not post on threads that aren't your own that haven't been posted on in a while. "A while" could be anything from a few weeks to a few months. However, if the creator of the thread is still active, and the thread topic REALLY IS GOOD, then posting is commonly accepted.

#2. Don't post things that sound "creepy" or anything in a dating nature, such as asking questions like:
"Is your diaper wet?"
"Any female/male diaper wearers in X location?"
This site's name is ADISC, which stands for Adult Baby/Teen Baby, Diaper Lover and Incontinence Support Community, not AB/DL Dating Dot Com.You are a smart person, use your judgement.

#3. Try to sound intelligent while posting. This site is renowned for its intelligent, mature conversations. Also try to avoid misspelling things, baby lingo, or the old, unoriginal, "wE lke d1apeES!!1!!"

#3.5. Also please avoid becoming too sexual in the nature of your posts. We can talk about sex-related topics without making them too sexual, if that makes sense. For example, there are threads in the Mature Topics forum regarding genitalia size, and no-one on these threads ever goes into too much detail about how sticky and hard their cock is, or any other sexual-in-nature topic which people might think inappropriate.

#4. Basic rule: Avoid flame wars, and try to be nice to people in general. There is a reputation score you can use negatively if someone is harassing you, and you can also report posts. Try to be nice to people and act maturely.

#5. Have fun!

NEW RULE: Please avoid "double posting'', which refers to posting in two or more posts what you could have posted in one. There is an edit button if you forget something or want to add something.
-The Russian

P.S. There are more helpful articles in the Wiki, which is accessible from the Answers Wiki link at the top of the page, on the upper navy blue thing.
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