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Hi ,

I need some advice in a couple of weeks time I'm going to be in the audience of a TV debate (EU Referendum) and I'm now wondering what nappy to wear I'm planning to wear something more absorbent than what I normally wear because I really don't want to change whilst I'm out. My thoughts are either Abena L4, the new Molicare Maxi or a Dry 24/7. I will take a change with me in case I need it

UK people
I'm also stressing more about how to get to Wembley Arena but I'm thinking of parking at the O2 Arena as I live in kent and it's relatively easy to get there and getting the Tube as both stations are wheelchair accessible. I'm not that keen of driving to wembley as I don't know the roads around there that well.

Admins sorry about the travelling bit but just thought it would be easier to put both bits in one post if it needs editing please let me know
I'd pick the 247 among that selection
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