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I figured id ask here...

A back injury has left me mostly incontinent, and now that im pregnant, my usual diaper aren't fitting well and starting to leak. I rarely flood a diaper, but more or less leak constantly throughout the day. My job doesn't lend well for constant bathroom breaks, and i need more from a diaper.

ive tried maxi pads, Poise pads, and everything between, but i still leak after about 4 hours.

Any suggestions? Especially with my growing middle, this isn't easy.
Hi there, AHkhira! What kind of diapers do you use? Also, have you considered a different size of diaper? Hope you are doing well, and thanks for posting!
I use Molicares... I've gone up 2 sizes so far, bit I cant seem to keep the diaper snug. I don't always know when I leak, but as the baby bump gets bigger, I do notice that I leak much more often now.
Part of the issue, too, could be that you are likely metabolizing for two now. Most pregnant women find themselves peeing more. You might consider adding a true booster pad which has an open backing to allow liquid to pass through the booster and into the diaper. You can find them on many adult incontinence supply websites. The Poise pads and maxi pads might be working against you by creating a gap between your skin and the diaper and not allowing the liquid to pass through to the diaper, thereby exacerbating leaks.

All this is conjecture and speculation. You'll be able to know the true details and how to handle them better than any of us can. Wishing you well!
Soakers for ladies

Dear AHkhira, i greet you from Germany!
I´m an over 50 yo Lady and was pregnant twice. Befor ma first pregancy I was a bedwetter and the 2 times left me back incontinent, but this is another thing. When I was pregnant I leaked very often at daytime also but very badly at night.
So I got snug fitting plastic pants which were able to cover my baby belly when it grew bulkier. The pants I used where puzzilein, but the factory Suprima mmakes equal types of items. Look at Suprima, perhaps www. b4ns. com and there the items 1252 or 1311. I hope this will help you. Good luck in your pregnancy!
Yours Renate, Kiel, Northern Germany
Thanks all. Being pregnant, I am finding that I pee much more. I'm trying a cloth booster today and I'll see how that works.
I enjoy cloth boosters a lot. Congratulations on the pregnancy. I have not worn diapers in pregnancy. Oh, yeah! When I got pregnant ~18 years ago when I bought the little guy his first diapers I couldn't wait to try them myself. I wore one to work as a cashier and wet it so bad I waddled and leaked a little. Time to wash my socks.
For flooding, I'd recommend the Abena boosters, which you can get here. The quilted ones, I'm told, don't have any SAP in them, so they absorb quickly and wick well. They don't hold all that much, but they can capture and hold urine much faster than the ones with high-SAP content. In other words, they handle floods until your diaper can lock in the wetness. For you, I think that would be key.

I would recommend that you try Dry 24/7's (based upon your size whatever it may be. Those diapers are extremely absorbent (up to 96 oz apparently) and just use boosters as well if that helps.
I suspect your curves are about to not fit diapers particularly well. As a guy, I have no clue how pregnant women wear pants or anything around the waist line with the extra person. Switching to more of a pad/pant system may work better for you during this time. Both NorthShoreCare and Xpmedical sell mesh pants designed to hold incontinence products in place. These may be used with diapers or incontinence pads (Abena sells one really good). I like the Abena cotton ones, but those are more specific on size and would not conform to a pregnant shape well. I tried the Abena pads for a cheaper option, but could not get a leak-free fit on me (guy). The absorbency and quality are there. Take a look.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Hope you find something that works well for the both of you.
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