So I just saw Clangers and it's the best thing ever????

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My family's remote ran out of batteries and so the big TV in the living room was stuck on Sprout while we ate dinner. A "new" show called Clangers came on and oh my goodness it was the cutest thing ever. Probably the best kids' show I've seen in years! I ended up looking up the show afterwards and found out it's actually a reboot of an old British show from the late '60s.

The new show is narrated by William Shatner in the US dub. The most striking thing was that it was stop-motion animated, a rare treat in a genre dominated by computer animation. The Clangers are made of knitted material -- it looks like they were crafted out of pink socks! -- and all the tiny details of the materials were visible on my family's 60" TV which was great to see.

In any case I look forward to watching this show more. Anyone else watch Clangers? (And any idea where I can see the original show from the 60s?)
Is "Sprout" a cable channel? We only do OTA here, but my kids love Netflix, so if we could find it there...
SPROUT is a CATV Channel, Channel # 118 on the COMCAST Distribution Service here in my area.
Whhaaat?! They remade The Clangers?! I hope the new version is as good as you say it is. Did the Soup Dragon make an appearance?

I remember watching this on one of the three TV channels available in 1970s/80s Britain. Stuffed Clangers are quite popular (as presumably my generation has spawned kids of their own and is wallowing in nostalgia). Bagpuss is another beautiful stop-motion classic.

Anyway, there are plenty of episodes on YouTube... like this one:

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