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I bought a sample pack of Snuggies sometime late last year. I just got around to using the last one. One thing I've noticed with every one I used. They tend to clump, and I don't think they swell all that much. Of course, I'm comparing that to my favorite diaper (Tena Slip Maxi). I've seen at least one review by someone stating that they swell a ton. I've also seen plenty of reviews saying they have minimal clumping. So, have Snuggies changed their SAP/pulp ratio at any time?

They're still a good AB diaper, even though I'm not that into AB stuff that much. I do on occasion like a cute AB diaper though. In that respect they get an A+!
From what I understand, Snuggies are still on the first batch of diapers, and for the first generation, they went with a very modest amount of SAP/pulp. Being a thinner diaper with less SAP, it's more common for them to pull apart and clump. Tena Slip Maxis on the other hand have a much more concentrated amount of SAP, which is why the padding is a bit more dense but swells a ton, even though it starts off thin. Totally agree that the Tena Maxis are among the best of the best!

I'm sure in the subsequent batches of Snuggies there's going to be increased amounts of SAP and wood fluff inside.
Yes they clump quite readily; however, their much lower than advertised actual capacity somewhat offsets that as they fill up rather quickly. On a side note, my guess as to how they measured the capacity is that they poured their testing liquid into a laid flat diaper until ALL the padding was completely saturated. That is not an accurate measurement as the posterior end is likely to never absorb very much if anything that originates in the anterior.
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