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I wear a 48" jean which is right on the edge of snuggies posted Large size. Will they fit?
That's a tough call. I tend not to trust diaper sizing on the high or low end. I'd suggest getting a sample pack if they did them. I would say the mediums are similar to Bambinos but I know it's a reach to then assume that larges are the same.
I ordered a case of Mediums 28-36, most medium sized diapers are 28-44, I do remember reading somewhere that snuggies diapers are alittle smaller for a more trimmed and snug fit, so just be aware
I wear 36 inch waist jeans. That is the top of snuggies listed sizing for mediums and the mediums fit great for me. So, maybe the large will work for you even though you are on the top of the large range. Try a sample pack. Snuggies are my co-favorite diaper, along with Bellisimo.
UMMMMMMMMM I hate to say it but they will be super tight on you. I wear a 38 waist and the snuggies could be bigger. Don't get me wrong they fit me but they do not come up as high in the back and seem a little tight
I don't know if this helps or not but I am a size 36 and I find the larges too big. My next order will definitely be mediums. I guess what I am saying is that they run large in my experience. As others have said, a sample pack may be the way to go.
I had a bad experince with them I only got 1/4th of my order.
babyboy said:
I had a bad experince with them I only got 1/4th of my order.

Did you contact them? What did you order and what did you get?
LoudBadger said:
I wear a 48" jean which is right on the edge of snuggies posted Large size. Will they fit?

Snuggies size and shape are very similar to the Totaldry Plus. (not xplus, which is a completely different diaper) I suspect it is made on the same machine. I'm a 40" waist and I'm about centered in their size. The lower tapes only have maybe 4-5" of wing left, the top tapes more like 6-7". So there's some room left. I always run out of lower tape before upper. I suspect problems with the lowers will set in around 46" waist, so you're pressing your luck with large.

BUT they are *the* most comfortable thinner diaper I have ever worn. I wear them to work at the end of the week, my Friday treat :) otherwise I wear a totaldry plus to work M-Th.
I would say No they are not going to fit and if they do you wont get the bottom tapes fastened. I wear a large and they are a little tight on me in the legs
Being a huge fan of single diaper tapes(either velcro or adhesive style) I have used Snuggies and do enjoy them but I first create a single tape configuration for them and just bypass their double tapes. It makes for a more comfortable fit(for me anyway) and I can even refasten if needed at least a couple times. I use cloth stuffers for additional absorbancy and for myself, using the Large size, things seem to work pretty satisfactorily.
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