Snuggie Diapers: How do you do this again?

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Ok, so, i'm a bit out of practice with beng diapered let alone doing it my self. I just got my pack of Waddlers from Snuggies a couple days ago and when I tried to put the diaper on by myself, I ran into some problems.

I'm a size 38 in most things underwear, jeans, pants. On one or more occasions I have to go up to 40 or I can go down to 36 because of how the thing is cut (it's kinda stupid to me but i'm not a fashion designer so insert curse word here). Now Snugges says that their size large are 36-38. Maybe i'm just putting them on wrong or maybe I just need to go with a different brand that can actually fit me better. Any suggestions would be great, also anything that might make diapering myself easier (if it's just a practice thing, let me know.)
First of all, Snuggies large run from 36-48 inches, not 38! 36-38 would be a pretty useless range!

Secondly, you don't want to be measuring your pants size to work out what size diaper you need - you should be measuring your hips/waist, at the widest possible point. This is because, as someone else pointed out recently, our 'waist' size/pant size is actually taken from the narrowest part of the waist. So get out a tape measure, wrap it around the biggest/fattest part of your hips and measure to see how big exactly they are. I've met at least one person recently who made this error, assuming they'd be able to fit into Snuggies L because they had a pant size of 46... not so, my friend!

If your hips /are/ slightly too large (i.e. the tapes aren't hitting the landing zone) you can extend the landing zone with some clear packing tape. Since my hips are 50-something inches, I have to do this, and while it's a minor hassle, you can apply the tape ahead of time and not have to worry about it ever again.

If your hips /aren't/ too large (and since your waist is 38, I'm going to guess they're probably in an acceptable range), then what exactly is wrong with the fit of the diapers? Where are you having issues? If we know this, we can help! (it may be a 'practice' issue in fact, but I'm not sure until I know what you're having trouble with.)
They work great on me with a 38" waste. LOTS of room for the tapes. I do the tops first as tight as possible then adjust the bottom tapes
lol my apologies about the size thing. I didn't have my package on hand so I just looked up the item I got on the site and saw the picture saying 36"-38". Thank you though for the advice about the measurements and the clear tape.I will definitely do that next time I diaper up. as far as everything else, I had only really used one diaper and aside from the trouble with getting it on (like I said been a while since I was padded, and I've never diapered myself, not successfully any way, lol), the snuggies are a good diaper.
Note said:
The site explicitly states 36-38", unless that's a typo then they probably are 48"...

Are you referring to the picture that says 36-38? If so that is the size of that person, not the diaper.
That picture is the person wearing it's dimensions. Not the actual specs of the diaper.
I believe that's the waist of the person who the diaper is on in that picture, not of the diaper itself.
Note said:
Well that's just misleading. Although it should have been obvious by the rest.

Boy do I feel stupid... :/
Haha... it's okay, like you say, it's a little misleading because most people would just put one number as their waist size (and indeed, most of the other models have just one number). The actual size doesn't seem to be shown until you go to the page to purchase them (there's a dropdown with options 'Medium 28" - 36"' and 'Large 36" - 48"')
What's worse is that the case and half case options are split between pages, so it's even harder to find the info. They don't even list the size ranges on the case and half case pages.
Note said:
Boy do I feel stupid... :/

No reason to feel that way. No one really pointed out to us that they saw it that way. I went in and updated the photos to just 38" on his photos. Chances are that if you saw it like that then lots of people did and just never said anything. Thank you for pointing it out to us so we could better clarify it.
actually I looked at my package again and found that the deminsions are 36" to 56". also got everything on rght this time lol
babymack said:
actually I looked at my package again and found that the deminsions are 36" to 56". also got everything on rght this time lol
The packaging says that, yes, but the site's now been updated. I've sent enquiries about the disparity in sizing to the owners, and been told that they'd initially printed a size of up to 56 inches (most likely because that's the length of the front + back wings), only to edit it because many customers said they could only get the tapes to hit the landing zone up to 48 inches. Obviously, they're still using the same packaging for now.

That's why I advised that if you're struggling to fit into the diapers, you should try extending the landing zone using packing tape. The tapes on snuggies do not adhere well to the outer plastic shell - they're designed to stick to the landing zone, and the landing zone alone.
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