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My name is Alan, and I am the little to Mommy Missi, also known as the owner of Snaps4u. She isn't registered on here yet, but she will be.

I want to tell you that a lot of things DID happen with Snaps4u. I am also here to tell you that Mommy Missi did restart Snaps4u. I know that there are a lot of threads that have said that they didn't get what they ordered, or stole their clothes, or whatever. I think if you message Shyanne, she will tell you that she did get her clothes, and they were repaired properly, to her specifications.

We are in the process of going through old orders. We want to make this right with those folks that said that they got screwed, etc. No intent to defraud was ever meant, no means to cheat or hose anyone.

We are just simple folk that are trying to relaunch this thing right. A lot has changed. Yes, we lost Betty, our chief seamstress. One thing Betty did before she passed was to teach Missi a lot of the techniques she used to make the clothes extra special. "Missi, you better learn this stuff or it's going to die with me!" she would say. It very nearly did.

I am not going to badmouth Danny. He lost his mom. He just gave up after she got sick. They lost their house. They moved in with me. Danny and Missi split. All the machinery and equipment, and a large amount of the fabric inventory has had to be repurchased. Missi is with me now, and is divorcing Danny. It's really complicated, but the long and the short of it is that she is now operating Snaps4u with my help. It's just the 2 of us, but we are trying to get the old orders that we did find back to their rightful owners. IF YOU HAD AN ORDER WITH SNAPS4U THAT YOU DIDN'T GET, OR SENT US SOMETHING TO BE REPAIRED, WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT. PLEASE SEND US A COPY OF YOUR INVOICE THAT WE EMAILED YOU TO [email protected] AND WE WILL ADDRESS IT JUST AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!!!

We are also doing custom orders again. We understand that there are folks that will never trust us again, and that you have your reasons. I have been screwed in the past on stuff, and I wish I could say that it didn't happen often, but it has. I know for a fact that Missi agonized for an awful long time over orders that didn't get completed and disappointed customers. It has been weighing on her mind since the business got sidelined. We don't have a website up and running yet, but it will be. We just need to get the money together to pay for the domain, hosting, etc. Our focus has been trying to get the old orders out, and the only means we have for doing that is by trying to make some money to do it with.

I am an audio engineer, freelance, and while I make enough money most of the time, I don't have (nor does she) the kind of jack it takes to singlehandedly finance a relaunch of a business. It takes time. Between she and I, we have managed to repurchase all the equipment it takes to run this show. We're doing it.

We want to make it right. That's job 1.

We are using some different, re-engineered patterns now, based much more closely on actual children's clothing. We are launching new products. And we are planning on going to CAPcon 2017, for those who want to meet us. If you are planning on going, we are planning on making a time for orders to be picked up at the con. We will not be sewing there, nor will we be taking repairs onsite, or bringing inventory. Special orders only. We will be posting it on FL, and will probably post it here as well.

All that being said, we are back.

Official spokestoddler for Snaps4U,

Alan, aka Txhippiekid
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