Snap on Plastic Pants Soft over Nappy ??

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Hi everyone

Can anyone recommend anywhere for snap on plastic pants that are soft and maybe elasticated (babyish if possible)

Thank you
Ollie has snap on plastic pants, but they are in plain white. In Pull on style, they have a lot of babyish stuff. I find that snap on is not good at night, but otherwise fine.
i will second i have brought form them for years and they handle it with care and if your dont want the world to know discretion. im a big fan on snap on when you need to change a wet pair of plastic pants you dont have to take you shoes off to do it. but never ever at night
I agree with the quality of baby-pants products; I use them regularly. However, on a whim, I purchased two pair of snap on pants on eBay from someone in the U.S. offering Haian brand (very low price and shipped from China) I have been very pleasantly surprised at the good quality of the materials--and snaps. They're holding up quite nicely! I would like to order again, but am not sure if I want to purchase directly from China (4-5 weeks shipping time). Oh well, time will tell...
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