Snap-ez out of business


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I don't know if anyone here buys from snap-ez but I just had a newsletter from a site I joined saying that they are going out of business, I popped over to the snap-ez website and its true.

Snap-ez are closing down after 17 years production there is a 40% off sale on all In stock items and 25% off back orders while stocks last.

Shame this is a pretty big name in the cloth diaper space going away.
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I didn't realize it was older news only just found out myself.
I ordered couple more as soon as I found out. They've been a good discreet, out-and-about cloth option. (Although I happen to be wearing one at home right now because all of my larger covers are drying. Minor laundry snafu.)
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That's too bad. I can understand needing to step away to be able to homeschool kids. I hope they don't shut down completely, even if very limited in production (say, like holidays) it probably wouldn't be a bad side hustle for some extra cash