Smell your diaper?


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Does anyone else like to smell or admire their diaper when they take it off?
I wear cloth with plastic pants and like the pee smell of a night diaper in the morning
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Not when I take them off, no. But I'll often give my cloth diapers a sniff when I take them out of the wash to make sure they've gotten clean.
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Wet or messy, doesn’t matter. LOVE to get a whiff.
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Im not into smelling a used diaper. I get it off and thats it. I much prefer a nice fresh diaper with some nice baby powder sprinkled all inside it. Although I do like the slight scent of all my pairs of plastic pants, they all have a powdery /slight peepee smell. Its very subtle , has a very babyish /toddler smell.
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... Well if I'm being honest, I do enjoy admiring and smelling them afterwards, especially if I heavily messed.
I'll just be like *takes a whiff* 😳😱:sick:😣😤😐🥴 "Yep, well done diaper boy, another successful operation there!"
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One of the things I like the most about diapers is not having to see nor smell the pee or poop directly.

Once I take my diaper off for a change, I toss it, specially if messy, so I don't like seeing nor smelling it afterwards.
This gal not a big fan of urine stinky smelling diapers !
Do enjoy smell of the fresh baby powered when putting one on !
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I'm a big texture girlie. I weirdly like how wet diapers feel. Probably like a sexual element there or something. I dunno, childhood trauma messed up my sexuality. Diapers are mostly comfort for me
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I often examine my nappy when I take it off. My stomach often likes to play games so the texture and odour of what I’ve done in there is a useful indicator. So yes I do smell my nappy after using it but it’s not just a sensation thing.
I use all my senses when I enjoy diapers! Fresh or peed one? I like it. Messy is not my way.
Really love the combo of powder and fresh pee smell, makes me feel little
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Not so much into the smell. Don't mind it, but don't go looking for it either. It comes off, and it gets rolled up! I generally only pee. Messed a couple of times, but find it a bit too icky for my taste.
I will only wet my diapers and I don’t really mind the smell of a pee pee diaper that was heavily powdered when freshly put on.
The fresh baby smell mask and mingles with the pee pee to create that aroma that reminds you that you still need your diapers or else .
I can do that with my own diapers. I like the smell it gives off. The mixture of the baby diapers, powder, oil, diapee magic and the main one is just right to me. The world just wouldn't understand us.
Not generally into it, neutral on the smell unless they are left lying around in a bin or something then the smell is bad.
I do check to see how much padding is wet and check the smell too before rollling up and bagging.
I definitely prefer the diaper smell and powder smell before use. I almost always immediately discard mine after use, especially if messy.
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